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WEEKEND TREAT: Good enough to eat! Pamper yourself with this edible face moisturiser

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Because looking great doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

CoconuttyWe think real beauty is about what’s inside. But we also know that sometimes looking your best can give you just the boost you need to shine. So each week we’re bringing you our top pick of eco-beauty products (and you can a cheeky discount when you sign up for Choose Green discounts). Enjoy…

Used for millennia throughout the tropics for youthful looking skin, coconut oil is nature’s moisturiser. This gorgeous virgin coconut oil from Coconutty is made from fresh-picked coconuts. Packed with beneficial fatty acids, including 50% lauric acid (the same fatty acid found in mothers’ milk), this organic virgin coconut oil is the perfect moisturiser for tired skin.

And that’s not all… As it’s completely natural you can also add it to smoothies, use it to replace oil in cooking, add to tea of coffee just like the supermodels do or eat straight off the spoon.

Each jar contains the fresh-pressed oil of six to seven coconuts which give Coconutty its delicious taste and aroma. No refining is undertaken – the oil is as nature intended.

Coconutty’s mission is to promote natural coconut products while supporting local coconut farmers and families. At least 5% of profits go to charities in the producer regions too showing these guys are pretty darn cool.

Find out more about Coconutty on Facebook or have a chat with them on Twitter now.

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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