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Should’ve gone to Nina Skarra (or what we learned from the BAFTAs and Grammys)

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By Emily Rycroft

Whilst husband Colin Firth raked in the awards at the BAFTAs last night, Livia Firth dazzled in a stunning Nina Skarra eco-gown. Perhaps a few of the other stars on the red carpet at both the BAFTAs and Grammys should have taken a leaf out of Livia’s book and gone green…

Worst dressed at the BAFTAs award goes to… Tracey Emin
We’re not sure exactly what was going through Tracey Emin’s mind when she chose this ensemble for yesterday’s BAFTA awards. But for future reference Tracey, shiny, poorly-fitting crepe paper is a definite no-no. Teamed with tacky gold shoes and that crazy, bouffant ‘do, this is a severe fashion fail.

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Worst dressed at the Grammys… Nicki Minaj
We’re all for Ms Minaj’s quirky, individual style, but last night she really took the biscuit. When asked to explain her bizarre outfit choice, the outlandish singer said: “This outfit is a masterpiece by Givenchy. What they made for me is just a miraculous piece of lioness meets her cub, meets fierceosity, meats fabulousity, meets fashionista, meets runway, meets everything, darling.” We think it’s more disaster meets Cruella DeVille but perhaps that’s just us.

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