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Why Jameela Jamil is the hottest new voice on the airwaves

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Because good music doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Jameela Jamil


Here at Global Cool we love music. So much so we even have our own feature about what’s been rocking the world of music every fortnight. As a way to remind you not to keep your laptops, iPods and other music-listening devices on charge 24/7 we dish the dirt  on all the hottest music.

And where better to check out the hotttest new tunes than on the radio? DAB-radio accounted for 20% or all listening between July and September, and people are tuning in for more than just the music now. With Jameela Jamil about to become the first woman to present the Radio One chart show (yay girl power), we’ve taken a look at our favourite radio DJs of all time…

1 ) Tim Shaw
Among Tim Shaw’s biggest controversies have been the break-in prank he pulled on former station director Andrew Jeffries on Kerrang! Radio – The Asylum and reportedly fixing the results of a competition while DJing for The Morning After. Despite (or because of?) the controversy, Shaw has had a lot of success, winning nine New York Radio rewards, the Presenter of the Year award from British Radio Industry (2008), and The Entertainment Award from Sony Radio Awards in 2009. That’s quite the CV!

2) Kenny Everett
Funnyman Kenny Everett was a pioneer of radio personality, known for his wacky jingles, imaginative characters, and zany voices, as well as his unapologetic—at times offensive—attitude. Sacked from both Radio London and BBC Radio 1 at different points in his career, Everett was never too long without work and is still considered one of the most influential personalities in radio and TV history. And there we were just liking him for his rude jokes…

3) The Ranking Miss P
We can thank Miss P’s brother, DJ Lepke, for starting her career as a broadcaster on the pirate station Dread Broadcasting Corporation (DBC) way back in 1979. At the time, the DBC was the first black-owned and managed radio station in Europe, and Miss P made a name for herself as a reggae radio DJ there. She eventually moved on to the BBC Radio 1 and again to BBC London 94.9, where she now hosts Riddim and Blues.

4) Mark Lamarr
The day comedian/radio DJ Mark Lamarr resigned from BBC Radio 2 was a sad day indeed. Who can forget his obscure collection of rock tunes on Shake, Rattle, and Roll or his eclectic mix of music on God’s Jukebox? Even prior to his Radio 2 breakthrough, though, Lamarr was known for hassling listeners on his Sunday morning GLR show, hanging up on callers who bored him. The reason for his resignation? He claimed Radio 2 had become too mainstream for him and his music.

5) Jameela Jamil
Okay, so she’s no Kenny Everett or Ranking Miss P, but Jameela Jamil is making her own sort of history: she’s the first permanent female presenter of the BBC Radio 1 Chart Show in its sixty-year history. Traditionally a TV gal, only time will tell if Jamil will be able to have the same sort of impact that the others on this list have had on radio. Guess we’ll have to tune into the top of the charts to find out!

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