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TV TURN-OFF: X Factor humiliation! Record low ratings and a very sizzled scouser

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Because rubbish TV shouldn’t cost the Earth (or pretend to be as good as Strictly Come Dancing)…

Chris Maloney

Turning your TV completely off rather than leaving it on standby might be a pain in the arse (given that you have to actually get up out of your chair to do it), but it will save you loads of cash and help preserve your TV for longer. As a gentle reminder not to leave your TV on stand by here’s TV turn-off of the week: A TV lowlight that proves that sometimes the only way is not Essex… it’s the OFF button…

By Maisie Beckenham

Once upon a time X Factor was the most talked about TV Show in the UK – today it has been reduced to an emergency conversation topic if the viewing figures are anything to go by!

Even guest performances from Rita Ora and Kylie Minogue couldn’t hinder the dismal decline in viewer ratings in this weekend’s final. The show received its lowest ratings for seven years this weekend since the days of Shayne Ward’s triumph in 2005 when  9.2 million tuned in (and that was one of the bad years).

The feeble ratings were not the only embarrassing moment for the X Factor this weekend, the show was also overcome by diva fever when wild-card contestant Christopher Maloney ‘threw a strop’ after finding out he had only been allocated one line in the group medley in Sunday night’s final and stormed off claiming he no longer wanted to perform in the final.

After being booted out on Saturday night he turned up to rehearsals late and fellow contestants could ‘smell alcohol on his breath’. An X Factor Spokesperson stated: ‘Chris decided he no longer wanted to be part of the X Factor final and has gone back to Liverpool’. The singer certainly shook things up in the ‘mature’ category!

Until the seventh week into this year’s X Factor competition, Chris Maloney was in fact the viewers’ favourite with his infinite covers of ’80s classics. In Week 8 he was overtaken by winner James Arthur following James’s awesome cover of Let’s Get It On.

Chris tweeted in his defence saying “thank u all so much for ur love help and support. thinking everyone wants a final dig. disgusting xx love u na nite xx”

We think perhaps he’ll find the ‘final dig’ is that he could be fined £100,000  and banned from the X Factor tour for his behaviour…  awkward!

Here’s a cheeky video of Chris singing Dancing on the Ceiling in week 8…

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