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TV TURN OFF: Not again! Ofcom called in to investigate racism in the Big Brother house

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Because bad TV shouldn’t cost the Earth…

Big Brother 2012 Conor and Deana

Big Brother are no strangers to complaints about racism so you’d think Channel 5 would have learnt from past mistakes by now!

In 2007, housemate Emily Parr was booted out for using a racist word. This was in the same year that Jade Goody, Jo O’Meera and Danielle Lloyd were involved in a race deabate against Bollywood’s Shilpa Shetty.

And now Ofcom have been called in to investigate viewers complaints of racism on three separate occassions. Over 1,000 people called in to complain surrounding questionable conversations in the Big Brother house.

House mate Conor has found himself at the centre of racism row after verbally abusing Deana, while Caroline is being hounded on Twitter for calling black house mate Adam a ‘ridiculous gorilla’ with ‘no sanitation’ which some viewers saw as racist.

Decide for yourself, but we’ll definitely be turning this trash off…

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