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TV TURN OFF OF THE WEEK: Scousewives leave us Desperate to change the channel

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Turning your TV completely off rather than leaving it on standby might be a pain in the arse (given that you have to actually get up out of your chair to do it), but it will save you loads of cash and help preserve your TV for longer. As a gentle reminder not to leave your TV on stand by here’s TV turn-off of the week: A TV lowlight that proves that sometimes the only way is not Essex… it’s the OFF button…

Amanda Harrington

We didn’t make it very far into Desperate Scousewives before reaching for the remote, so here are just a few of the things that earned the new E4 show a place in our TV Turn Off feature

Just minutes into the new mockumentary, we were inundated with fake boobs and naked shower scenes. This was only broken up by gratuitous underwear shots (seriously who wears that much make up in bed?) and some of the most bizarrely staged conversations we’ve ever seen. Amanda Harrington (pictured), the self-dubbed ‘Local Celeb’ was seen walking around town in her curlers giving out her autograph. Don’t worry, we have no idea who she is either.

We were also introduced to other characters with generic nicknames like ‘The Player’ and ‘Broken Hearted Girl’, in a not-so-subtle attempt to spoon feed the audience a storyline. Maybe there were times when TOWIE did our heads in, but compared to the Desperate Scousewives cast, they all deserve an Oscar.

Will you be watching or do you think it’s just trash TV? Tell us what you think in the comments box below or on Twitter @global_cool

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