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Posh v posh: Why Vicky Beckham is still hotter property than that, er, cheeky Pippa Middleton

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By Emily Rycroft

These were the top 10 most popular stories on Global Cool in July. Thanks for reading and putting up with our constant references to Pippa Middleton’s backside…

1. You all seem to want to be a yummy mummy just like our celeb friends Jessica Alba and Alicia Silverstone, and who can blame you? Even Victoria Beckham wants to be a natural mum and do everything she can to keep her entire brood, including her adorable new daughter Harper Seven, as healthy as possible.

2. We’ve noted how the section of our website dedicated to Pippa Middleton has been inundated with attention. She’s been a pupil at our School Of Cool and also shared the limelight with Marmite. We assume it is her wit and intelligence you are interested in and not that you just want to stare at her arse all day?

3. We’re pretty excited about his new programme Magician Impossible. From a young age, magician Dynamo has always worked best Doing It In Public. At V Festival he spoke to us about writing essays on the school bus and magic on the Circle Line. See what he has to say for himself here.

4. Do it like a brother. Do it like dude. Do it like Jessie J. We love her music, her make up and her outrageous outfits too! Find out how to get her eclectic style on a budget. It won’t cost you the earth either.

5. What do Justin Timberlake, Russel Brand, Matt Belamy and Robert Pattinson all have in common? They all made the cut for our top 10 most gorgeous celeb boys. We’ve judged them not just on looks but also on how kind they are to their planet because everyone knows that being green is sexy.

6. Sexed-up teachers, email stalking, dark plotting… just another normal day in school. Our bookworm Emma dishes all the gossip about The Last day of Term by Francis Gilbert. Set in a gritty inner-city Academy we discover two very different characters – a sexed up teacher and a young boy with a difficult background – who’s futures become entwined for all the wrong reasons.

7. Congrats to Stateside friend of Global Cool Rebecca Sellitti who wrote a great Get Involved article on going brown the green way this summer. She has some great tips on how to deal with sun, sand, surf and elderly men strutting their stuff in ill-fitting banana hammocks.

8. We snogged not one, not two, but 14 music festivals for their wonderful green credentials in this article. We married Disney Channel star Selena Gomez for promoting UNICEF’s Celebrity Tap Project. And we swiftly avoided the Beckhams for flying all the way from LA to the UK for the Royal Wedding, only to jet home again the following day for a football match.

Tom Burns9. One man, one bus, one mission: Global Cool challenged blogger Tom Burns to Do It In Public by visiting as many different nationalities of restaurant as possible in London over a three-hour period, using only public transport to get around. Find out how he did here.

Kim Kardashian10. We know how important it is to you to keep your beach body beautiful. So it’s no suprise that your favourite read was our Summer diet tips article. Especially when Kim Kardashian has her baps out again.

What was your favourtie article this month? We want to know on Twitter @global_cool or in the comments box below…

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