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The top 10 sexiest men on earth

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Robert Pattinson

By Emily Rycroft

Inspired by FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011, we have come up with our own list of our top 10 most gorgeous celeb boys. We’ve judged them not just on looks but also on how kind they are to their planet because everyone knows that being green is sexy…

Justin Timberlake10. Justin Timberlake
We already want to snog Britney’s ex and he is super cool for his love of the environment. Mr JT said in a recent interview: “My two loves are golf and the environment.” In the words of his McDonalds endorsement… We’re loving it.

Drake9. Drake
Last year Drake worked with Reverb’s Campus Consciousness Tour (CTT). The CCT work with artists and student environmental groups at schools across the UK to raise awareness of eco-friendly living through events in the concert tents. What a champ!

Jason Mraz8. Jason Mraz
Jason has so many great green credentials where do we begin? He told us all about how he loves Doing It In Public at T in the Park. Mraz also makes the most of his five acres in San Diego, CA, by growing avocados. And the whole farm is powered by solar panels. Jason is a fantastic role model and eco-warrior.

Billy Zane7. Billy Zane
You probably know him as Kelly Brook’s ex or as Kate Winslet’s mean boyfriend in Titanic. But did you know he was also a speaker at the annual IREO Renewable Energy Awards in New York and is often spotted riding his bike around town? Good looking + green= the perfect combination.

Russell Brand6. Russell Brand
Katie Perry’s husband isn’t an obvious green candidate. The height of his hair implies the use of a ridiculous amount of environment damaging hairspray. Yet we’d like to give him a hip hip horray for his new favourite pastime… gardening. Brand has admitted to donning his gloves and cultivating a patch of land at his home, giving him our green thumbs up.

Colin Firth5. Colin Firth
Colin owns Eco-Age with his lovely wife Livia Firth, which provides ideas, advice and products on sustainable living. Before Eco-Age, Mr Darcy was involved in two coffee shops, which were set up to benefit fair trade growers. Livia even wore green dresses on the red carpet this year too. And there you were thinking he was just a handsome gentry man in a wet, white shirt.

Matthew Bellamy4. Matt Bellamy
Bellamy recently announced that he plans to walk the lovely Kate Hudson down the aisle. But that’s not all he has planned for the future. The Muse frontman has been thinking of his retirement, including moving  permanently to his land in Devon to grow hemp to make paper and material.

Robert Pattinson3. Robert Pattinson
With the new movie coming up there is a lot of buzz around how they are going to show “that scene”. We love that the Twilight hunk has recently adopted a rescue dog and named it Bear. He even lets girlfriend Kristen Stewart walk it sometimes. R-Pats and K-Stew also both opt to wear eco-friendly gear.

Leonardo DiCaprio2. Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio is already famous for his commitment to environmental causes. He drives a hybrid car and his house has solar panels. The Inception star even bought an island in Belize where he is planning to create an eco-friendly resort. The part actor, time environmentalist also recieved the International Green Film Award by Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev at the Cinema For Peace ceremony in Berlin, Germany. Oh, and did we mention that he once gave his backing to Global Cool, too?

Ian Somerhalder1. Ian Somerhalder
The Vampire Diaries star created the Ian Somerhalder Foundation after witnessing the devastation of the BP oil spill in his hometown. The foundation works in partnership with Harrison Ford’s favourite foundation Conservation International, and focuses on habitat preservation and helping the environment. Oh and did we mention he happens to be really, really good looking too…?

Seen a sexier green celeb chap? Let us know in the comments box below or on Twitter @global_cool


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