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Snog Marry Avoid: Starring Jessica Alba, Robert Pattinson and Katie Price

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By Emily Rycroft

We’re always on the look out for the good, the bad and the ugly in celebsville. But unlike most of the celebrity rags, we’re more concerned with who’s using their canvas bag at the supermarket than who’s been spending a little bit too much quality time with the botox needle. And what better way to put them to rights than by playing our favourite TV show, Snog Marry Avoid…


OK, so who wouldn’t want to snog Jessica Alba? She’s a great mother, actress, model and one of the most beautiful women anywhere. But she also cares a lot about her planet too and we’re impressed. The Fantastic Four star dresses her adorable daughter in organic cotton clothing and makes sure that her nursery decor is non-toxic and sustainably crafted. She even ensures her dogs have green beds made from recycled fabrics and stuffed with filling made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Even her LA home is an eco-friendly paradise.

Robert Pattinson has once again got hearts racing with his new movie Water for Elephants alongside Reece Witherspoon. And now the Twilight hunk has spiked our interest for different reasons: Rob and his co-star/girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, both opt to wear eco-friendly gear. Rob is also very open about his love for animals and while filming Water for Elephants the crew were apparently impressed by his animal magnetism. He has recently adopted a rescue dog and named it Bear too.

Katie Price hasn’t been having much luck recently with her split from Alex Reid and her flopped reality TV show. Her new beau Leandro has been helping take her mind of things with a trip to Argentina to meet his family, during which the couple were involved in a near-death car crash. You would think they would be a bit more wary with their choice of transportation, but it would seem that Jordan has found another vehicle of choice. En route to a sailing trip on Lake Chiquita, the couple chose to take a helicopter instead! We think Ms. Price should be thinking less about the next photo opp and more about what she’s doing to mother nature.

Are we wrong? There’s a comments box below for that sort of thing…

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