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Reasons to snog, marry and avoid Penelope Cruz, Mitch Winehouse and Premier League football clubs

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By Emily Rycroft

We’re always on the look out for the good, the bad and the ugly in celebsville. But unlike most of the celebrity rags, we’re more concerned with who’s using their canvas bag at the supermarket than who’s been spending a little bit too much quality time with the botox needle. And what better way to put them to rights than by playing our favourite TV show, Snog Marry Avoid…

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz often wears vintage gowns to award ceremonies to stand out from the crowd. The stunning Pirates of the Caribbean star keeps in shape with lots of yoga and a vegetarian diet. Penelope Cruz also works alongside Global Green USA to encourage people to ditch the limo and hop in a hybrid car to award ceremonies.

Our thoughts go out to Amy Winehouse’s family after her tragic death and we were so pleased to see her dad still doing his bit for the planet by recycling clothes. Mitch has given Amy’s clothes and possessions to devastated fans who have set up camp outside her old flat in north London. He gave out t-shirts, sweaters and sunglasses to the gathering of grievers in Camden saying to the fans “These are Amy’s t-shirts. This is what she would have wanted – for her fans to have her clothes.”

Remember the days when the football season happened in winter, and pre-season matches were little more than a gentle kick about to get the players back in the swing of things? Not anymore… barely had the sweat dried on the prostitute’s bed sheets players’ kits before they were back in our lives again, jetting all over the world to play in completely pointless made-up tournaments. We can only assume that Mario Balotelli’s controversial failed back-heeled goal attempt during a pre-season Manchester City game in the US was his way of protesting about all the point waste of energy caused by his team flying around the world for nonsense matches. If they have to go abroad on these marketing excursions, they could at least stick to Europe so they could do it by train.

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