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Scott Mills’ Amsterdam diary

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Scott Mills on a flight-free holiday for Global Cool in Amsterdam.

As someone who spent his youth going on family holidays by boat and train due to a fear of flying, Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills jumped at the chance to take a flight-free holiday to Amsterdam with his friend Laura Sayers, of Laura’s Diary fame.

Check out his holiday snaps and videos below.

Global Cool presents: Scott Mills in Amsterdam…

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Step 1: Hot foot it from Radio 1 in London to Harwich for the ferry

Okay, so they want me to finish my show on Friday evening, jump on a train from Liverpool Street to Harwich, get an overnight ferry to Holland, and then jump on two more trains to get to Amsterdam? Ah, go on.

Step 2: Stock up on a little ‘in-boat entertainment’

How I long for the days of Travel Scrabble and Mini Mastermind…

Step 3: Settle in to your room on the ferry

If the captain’s up in the wheel room, that means his cabin must be free.

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Step 4: Awake in Holland and take the train in to Amsterdam

Reminiscent of the long gone, romantic journeys of yesteryear, this really is the most refined way to traverse the continent. Ah look man, there’s a Chicken Cottage.

Step 5: Make sure your hotel room is in working order

The College Hotel, Amsterdam – with its pillows plump with the finest hairs from a unicorn’s mane and its drinking water filtered through the Turin Shroud.

Step 6: Caffeine… Dutch style

…and you should see what they call a Tall Latte round here.

Behind the Scenes: Scott Mills and Laura Sayers in Amsterdam

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Step 7: Check out the local music scene

Ah, at last, an original copy of George Michael – The Radio Years

Step 8: Find some suitable footwear

They look amazing, but do you have them in tan and a size 9?

Tales From The Tracks: Scott Mills on travelling flight-free

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Step 9: Check out the (above board) Amsterdam night life

What’s in that neon lit shop window? Ah, I see. But surely that’s not legal with flippers and gas mask on.

Step 10: Jump on the train to get the ferry home

This is Trevor McDonald, reporting for News at 10, on hats and how they are wrecking our children.
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