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APPS: Single on Valentine’s Day? Why not play cupid and find love on the train

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Fed up with reading the Metro cover to cover in five seconds flat on the way to work? Fear not, we know you’re all big kids at heart so we’ve got all the best iPhone apps to help keep your pecker up while you Do It In Public

Valentine's Day

Cupid At Work – £0.69

Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope you’re having a lovely day so far and that your partner/significant other/devoted cat gave you a nice big smooch this morning. But just in case you’re feeling a little bit low and lonely, check out this great app…

Cupid At WorkThe Cupid At Work app will turn you into the ultimate matchmaker within minutes. The game involves creating brand new couples by hitting them with arrows just like cupid. Create couples with high affinity to score the most points.

This game is pretty addictive and the soundtrack is rather catchy too. The graphics are also not half bad for a simple game. You can either play in classic or extreme mode, and the app is OpenFeint enabled so you can share all your matchmaking adventures with your chums.

See the trailer for the app here…

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

Living green doesn’t have to mean growing dreadlocks and becoming an eco-warrior. At Global Cool we reckon a greener life is still a fun one. We’ve found four simple ways you can be greener without sacrificing the things you love. All our articles highlight one way (the one in bold below) to start being greener…

1. Be a winner, not a binner (aka recycling and reusing stuff)
2. Turn up the style, not the heat (aka using less energy at home)
3. Love the trend, not the spend (aka buying stuff that doesn’t harm the planet)
4. Do it in public (aka ditching the car and plane when you can) 

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