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TV TURN OFF: Sad farewell to one of Britains most influential green advocates

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Thatcher in Downing Street

Turning your TV completely off rather than leaving it on standby might be a pain in the arse (given that you have to actually get up out of your chair to do it), but it will save you loads of cash and help preserve your TV for longer. As a gentle reminder not to leave your TV on stand by here’s TV turn-off of the week: A TV lowlight that proves that sometimes the only way is not Essex… it’s the OFF button…

By Maisie Beckenham

Here at Global Cool, we are sad to see rioters taking to the streets across the UK in celebration of the death of Margret Thatcher.  Having watched the riots erupt across the news stations for the past few days, it has become evident that many of those involved, appear to have been born after the 1972-1990 governance of our Maggie.

For this reason, we feel it is our duty as lovers of the green, to pay an educational tribute to the woman who put environmental issues such as climate change, acid rain and pollution to the forefront of the political agenda for the first time. Regardless of what you thought of some of her political choices, there’s no denying she did her bit for Mother Earth…

On the September 27, 1988, Margret Thatcher addressed the Royal Society and made her environmentally focused, speech debut.:

“For generations, we have assumed that the efforts of mankind would leave the fundamental equilibrium of the world’s systems and atmosphere stable. But it is possible that with all these enormous changes (population, agricultural, use of fossil fuels) concentrated into such a short period of time, we have unwittingly begun a massive experiment with the system of this planet itself.”

By 1989, Thatcher took an even bigger step and agreed to address the UN General Assembly to discuss the importance of international legislation within a globalising world:

“The environmental challenge that confronts the whole world demands an equivalent response from the whole world. Every country will be affected and no one can opt out. Those countries who are industrialised must contribute more to help those who are not.”

The arguments used by Thatcher in her array of eco-friendly speeches were not new in terms of their ecological and scientific content however, by using her political status to discuss green matters, she increased awareness and helped promote groups like  Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace.

So think twice before you jump on the bandwagon – she may not have been everyone’s cup of tea but she did a lot of good for this little planet we call home!

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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