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Rick and George’s Traincation diary

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What happened when we took Rick Edwards and George Lamb on a Traincation to Barcelona.

Best pals Rick Edwards (T4) and George Lamb (Big Brother’s Little Brother) jumped at the chance to take a Traincation to Barcelona, even though it meant the two six-footers sharing a cosy cabin on the night train from Paris to Spain.

Check out the rest of their holiday snaps and videos below to see how they fared in the Catalan capital…

Global Cool presents: Rick and George in Barca…

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Step 1: St Pancras Station, London

That’s right George, it really does take a team of five dedicated engineers six hours to make my hair look both naturally tousled yet acutely sculptured. Some say it’s an art form.

Step 2: Hot foot across Paris for the train to Spain

…and this is roughly the size of the third leg of Lamb.

Step 3: All aboard the train for Spain

This phrase book’s brilliant. It’s even got the Spanish for ‘Two packs of Monster Munch and a Curly Wurly please.’

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Step 4: A spot of shopping after arriving in Barca

No I don’t want any lucky heather thank you.

Step 5: Take in the views at Parc Guell

Are you sure this is the platform for the Paris train?

Step 6: Time to find a drink

No, I’m right, it’s when the big hand says 10 and the little hand says 6?

Step 7: Take in some, er, local culture

So that will be ‘film services’ on the old hotel expenses then.

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Step 8: A spot of Spanish cuisine

So run me by the specials again… Ah, so the ketchup’s off, and the Coke and Diet Coke? What kind of builder’s cafe is this?

Step 9: Night life!

So that’s all the wine and spirits gone. Now, where’s the cleaning products?

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Step 10: A romantic meal, awww!

Hello, Is that Max Clifford? Have I got a story for you…

Step 11: Relax with a massage at Aire de Barcelona Arabian Spa

Quick brain. Think of old nuns eating peas. Think of football. Think of council car parks. Think of anything other than where her hand is and the direction in which it’s moving.
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