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Not a Bonnie lass anymore! Tyler sings for the UK in another dissappointing year of Eurovision

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Because rubbish TV shouldn’t cost the earth…

Bonnie Tyler

Turning your TV completely off rather than leaving it on standby might be a pain in the arse (given that you have to actually get up out of your chair to do it), but it will save you loads of cash and help preserve your TV for longer. As a gentle reminder not to leave your TV on stand by here’s TV turn-off of the week: A TV lowlight that proves that sometimes the only way is not Essex… it’s the OFF button…

By Maisie Beckenham

The 58th instalment of the Eurovision contest took our screens from Sweden this weekend with the UK represented by a rather uninspiring song from 68-year-old Bonnie Tyler who came in at 19 out of 26…

As one of the longest-running TV programmes since its inauguration in 1956, you would have thought we would be getting it right by now! Singer Little Boots has put herself forward for next year’s Eurovision claiming she is ‘Euro Flop Remedy’ – Perhaps she is and perhaps the programme should be used to give upcoming stars a chance rather than to give has-been’s a second chance at fame at the risk of damaging their credibility.

In addition to some very cheesy songs and costumes that were FAR too tight, this annual show aimed at bringing the entrant countries closer together did not end without its fair share of controversy. Azerbaijan who were given second place in this year’s contest have been accused of withholding points as Russia scored second place in the phone votes on all three mobile operators in Azerbaijan yet Russia was awarded no points overall from this country.

Other controversy came in the form of a lesbian kiss as Finnish performer Kristia Siegfrids kissed one of her dancers at the end of her song. According to Kristia this act was performed as a protest against the disallowance of gay marriage in Finland. As countries were made aware of the possibility of a lesbian kiss in the live final, some countries decided to pull the plug on the broadcasting of the show. Turkey called the act a piece of ‘gay propaganda’ and refused to broadcast the show in their country.

A voting scandal, a controversial lesbian kiss and Bonnie Tyler in stretchy leggings… the most exciting things about Eurovision once again had absolutely nothing to do with music – Bring on Little Boots we say!

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