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TV TURN-OFF: Wales hops on the band wagon with the return of The Valleys

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Because rubbish TV shouldn’t cost the Earth…

The Valleys

By Maisie Beckenham

Turning your TV completely off rather than leaving it on standby might be a pain in the arse (given that you have to actually get up out of your chair to do it), but it will save you loads of cash and help preserve your TV for longer. As a gentle reminder not to leave your TV on stand by here’s TV turn-off of the week: A TV lowlight that proves that sometimes the only way is not Essex… it’s the OFF button…

We’ve seen Essex, we’ve seen Chelsea, we’ve seen Newcastle and now… we’re about to see reality TV get all the more extreme, as the second MTV series of ‘The Valleys’ returns to our screens next Tuesday, from the Welsh city of Cardiff … (sigh)

 The Valleys made its debut last September, following the journey of nine youngsters as they moved from the southern Welsh Valleys, to Cardiff – with a whole lot of ‘I’ll do anything to become famous’ behaviour. The series may have received the second highest vote rating in MTV franchise history however; the Welsh locals were less than impressed.

A campaign group The Valleys Are Here have launched a petition to get MTV to fund local youth group projects.

“We realised that the money made from Geordie Shore helped MTV’s owners Viacom make huge profits last year, but the local area saw hardly any of this cash. So we think it’s about time MTV showed areas like Newcastle and the Valleys some respect.”

Over 2,600 people have signed the petition requesting that a menial 5% of the show’s profits are donated to support Valley youth projects. From one trend setter to another, Global Cool think this is a important cause – youth projects give kids a safe environment to get involved in some great activities.

Instead of sitting behind the box and watching even more constructed TV, why not get out in the sunshine?

Lateysha, Liam, Carley, Leeroy, Nicole, Jenna, Chidgey and newcomers Jason and Anthony have all appeared in a recent (and frankly awful) promo video that once again demonstrates that it’s time to hit the POWER OFF button…

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