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Catching the night bus with The Mispers and Josh Flowers & the Wild

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The Mispers and Josh Flowers

Need a pick-me-up on the bus to the office? Or looking for that perfect Friday-feeling tune for the train journey home? Need a good jam for the walk home too? Look no further! Each week we’ll bring you our Music Radar top tracks (complete with a Spotify playlist) so you can plug in and get your toes tapping on public transport

By Callan De Villiers

We like people who are curious. Curiosity is the desire to learn, to know, to investigate the strange…and more often then not…discover something extraordinary. Being curious allows you to contemplate the bizarre. There are some things you just never think would go together – kind of like bands that are far from mainstream and swanky central London hotels – but you’d be surprised. They kinda do. We took a wander this week to The Basement at the glamorous Edition Hotel in London, and there we found The Mipsers.

We were there to catch the headline act, but of course one of the many treats of watching live music is discovering new music. Josh Flowers and the Wild took the stage as support, and rewarded us for our inquisitiveness. This five piece band, made up of frontman Josh Flowers, Squiff Wordsworth (what a name!), Dave Holden and Reuben Harsant, are an authentic and soulful blues/folk/rock band from the UK.

Their sound may be deep and bluesy but their live performance was full of energy…we could not help ourselves but dance. Tracks to check out are Rolling Through and Young Bones off their single Young Bones (2013). Our top pick is Kings & Queens, because there is a harmonica, and we love us a harmonica. Take a look at the video below…

Speaking of a few Kings and a Queen! We were wonderfully stunned, stupefied, satisfied and left in a punch-drunk state by The Mispers. Take it from us, this band is going to be huge. Their music is addictive, seductive, infectious, honest and downright glorious.

A live show with this band never disappoints, as there is sure to be a rowdy pack of true fans and friends wherever they go and their gothic-type/off-kilter vocals, beautiful melodies, harmonies and pure poetry song-writing, are really a winning combination. We could try putting them into a genre or we could try comparing them to other bands who have come before…but that would be a fruitless exercise.

Essentially The Mispers are a group of talented musicians, who have unreal potential. It was a genuine struggle to pick our top track! Brother and Trading Cards were most certainly on the shortlist…but we had to give it to Dark Bits off their 2014 EP of the same name. Watch the video below and we dare you not to get involved…

Find The Mipsers on the 20th of November at the Flyover, London, as part of their November Search Party.

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Images: Mispers courtesy of Caitlin Mogridge Music Photographer and Josh Flowers (with permission).

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