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SH*T OR HIT: The Rolling Stones celebrate 50 years of rocking and Adele does a BIG Bond ballad

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Because singing with your hair brush shouldn’t cost the Earth…

Rolling Stones and Adele

By Rose Munday

Here’s what’s been rocking the world of music over the past two weeks. As a way to remind you not to keep your laptops, iPods and other music-listening devices on charge 24/7 we tell you whether we think these tunes are sh*t or a hit. It’s a simple game: if it’s a hit turn up the speakers to 11. And if it’s sh*t, remember to turn off your charger…

In Cher Lloyd‘s new single, Oath, the Worcester lass seems to have ditched her English roots and adopted a whiney new American drawl which we’re massively not fans off.

What’s wrong with being proud of being British, eh? We’re making an Oath to turn off the radio when Cher Lloyd comes on… SHIT

In the world of music collaborations, awesome indie duo The Black Keys have recently hooked up with rapper RZA to mix up genres…

The result is new single The Baddest Man Alive. We love the song, and with raspy singing and distressed guitar chords it’s a HIT from us…


In celeb news this week, Nelly’s in trouble and rightly so.

After being detained at the Texas border, drugs and a loaded gun were found on his tour bus. So in response to his 2001 song Ride Wit Me… errr no thanks!

Nelly’s getting a SHIT from us this week because drugs are bad, m’kay!

If you weren’t excited already about the new Bond film, out on the October 22, the single will get you in the mood. It’s everything you’d expect from a Bond soundtrack with the bonus of Adele’s stunning voice – as the queen of big ballads we can’t think of anyone better to sing it. Big fans! HIT

For those lucky enough to get Glasto tickets this year, the next question is who will be playing… rumours are circulating that The Rolling Stones might be headlining, but nothing’s yet confirmed.

The Stones new single Doom and Gloom is released this week, proving that they’re still rocking 50 years on. They must be exhausted! We’re impressed so we’re giving them a HIT!

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