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Mr Hudson does Munich

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For our latest Traincation, Global Cool took Mr Hudson to Munich with his drummer ‘Wilkie’ Wilkinson…

We know what you’re thinking. Pop star. Sunglasses. Hit single with Jay-Z. On a train to Munich? It’ll never work…

So what did Mr Hudson really make of his flight-free trip to Germany?

He told The Sun: “Planes don’t have bars, that is a very positive point. We drank the bar dry. We also played games and saw the countryside. That is nicer than clouds.”

Don’t believe us? Check out the videos and photos below…

Global Cool presents: Mr Hudson in Munich…

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Step 1: Chat up the Eurostar staff at St Pancras

So wait a minute, you’re telling me that I might have to take my sunglasses off when we go through the tunnel? But I haven’t had my eyebrows plucked…

Step 2: Relax on the train

Right, poker face on… all I’ve got to do now is make sure I remember not to show my opponent my cards. D’oh!

Step 3: Take in some Munich art

Yep, you can’t beat a Rolf Harris original. Worth millions these…

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Step 4: Go for a bike ride around Munich

Skinny jeans… the perfect alternative to cycling shorts. And, as you can tell from the looks on our faces, not uncomfortable at all.

Step 5: Some light refreshment

When they said do you want to go large, I didn’t realise they meant a bucket.

Step 6: Some local grub

If we stare at these beer glasses long enough they’re bound to become unstuck eventually.

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Step 7: Get down and funky with some traditional German music

What do you mean you can’t play any of my hits? I’ve performed with Jay-Z you know…

Step 8: Dessert

Yes I would like to taste some of the local delicacies. I’d quite like to try one of those donuts too.

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Step 9: Check out the news from back home

But they promised me page 3! I didn’t get my pecks out to be on page 27….

Step 10: Catch the train back to London

Aah, the perfect disguise. Those autograph hunters will never realise I’m a celebrity now.
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