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SH*T OR HIT: Take That hit Glastonbury plus check out Justin Bieber’s goat edition

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Because singing with your hair brush shouldn’t cost the Earth…

Justin Bieber and Take That

Here’s what’s been rocking the world of music over the past two weeks. As a way to remind you not to keep your laptops, iPods and other music-listening devices on charge 24/7 we tell you whether we think these tunes are sh*t or a hit. It’s a simple game: if it’s a hit turn up the speakers to 11. And if it’s sh*t, remember to turn off your charger…

Big news this week was Justin Bieber and his tour at the O2. The pint-sized popstar collapsed on stage last night and was rushed to hospital just three days into his tour. Although we’re not his biggest fans, we do hope he’s ok.

Our minds are still reeling however from night one of the Bieber tour when he kept fans waiting for a whopping two hours. He didn’t arrive on stage until just before 10.30pm (which was the time he was due to finish the set) meaning hundreds of young fans were forced to leave the concert early as it was a school night. Many who opted to stay missed their last trains home and parents were left standing around for hours while they waited to collect their kids. We think this is very poor show from Justin, especially as it’s those fans who he kept waiting that made him what he is today.

Sorry JB, you may be sick but we still think you’re SHIT


(Yes, we know it’s the goat edition. We prefer it)

Creeping up behind Bieber in the charts is Global Cool’s newest band crush Bastille. We’ve been blasting their tunes from our Spotify playlist for a while now and we’re so pleased to see them getting the widespread recognition that they really deserve. Check out their awesome track Pompeii now to see what all the hype is about. HIT

In other music news, Rihanna has launched her new fashion line this week. We think the pieces are pretty nice, but just wish she could have been a little bit kinder to the planet. Her fashion ethics may be a bit SHIT but we don’t mind her music…

We also heard that the lovely Laura Marling has revealed details of her forthcoming album Once I Was An Eagle. If her previous musical successes are anything to go by we can’t wait! HIT

And finally, Mark Owen has said that he’d be keen for Take That to play at Glastonbury this year. He told The Sun: “I love Glastonbury. I would go there, definitely. We’re all meeting up in a few weeks, so we’ll see.” We hope it’s true – we love a bit of Take That. HIT

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