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TV TURN OFF: Ollie shows us his 10 inches in the return of Made In Chelsea

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Because bad TV shouldn’t cost the Earth…

Made in Chelsea Cast

The fourth series of E4’s reality drama Made In Chelsea kicked off on Monday night and certainly did come back with a bang (and a super casual cast holiday to St Tropez, as you do)…

As always the episode was brimming with scenes of the cast frolicking around in complete luxury raising that all-important question: If this is all you do, how do you afford to do it?

If you were under the impression that the Louise / Spencer drama was all out of the way, you couldn’t be more wrong. The episode kicked off with Louise discussing the latest trials and tribulations of her romance with investment banker Spencer Matthews, who apparently took their ‘break’ a bit too literally.

Considering he spent the summer filming The Bachelor for Channel 5 it’s still unclear what Louise was expecting, however after a polite request to sleep with her anyway it seemed as though the pair were back on track (perhaps just not the right one).

Three handsome new faces also made their début on Monday but they didn’t get a very warm reception from Spencer after one of them – Andy Johnson – said he’d been “admiring Louise from afar”. The pair quickly get into a posh-boy fight which is made even funnier by the fact that Andy is topless and Spencer is wearing his gap-yah traveller beads.

While things got even more heated in the South of France, other members of the cast were up to all sorts back home in Chelsea. Proudlock and his earring were busy painting a big face for the wall of the flat he now shares with Jamie and Francis, and Ollie had his 10-inch ponytail cut off so that he could look even more like Richard and share in the joys of a swishy bob.

Judging by Richard’s new super hot girlfriend, you can’t blame Ollie for trying!

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