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SH*T OR HIT: Lana Del Rey naked plus Plan B to scoop Mercury Prize

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Because singing with your hair brush shouldn’t cost the Earth…

Lana Del Rey and Plan B

Here’s what’s been rocking the world of music over the past two weeks. As a way to remind you not to keep your laptops, iPods and other music-listening devices on charge 24/7 we tell you whether we think these tunes are sh*t or a hit. It’s a simple game: if it’s a hit turn up the speakers to 11. And if it’s sh*t, remember to turn off your charger…

First off the bat we’ll start with… erm… Bat For Lashes who uploaded a new track from her forthcoming album last week. We’re pretty excited about Natasha Khan’s third album The Haunted Man, and here’s the track so you can get excited too. HIT


We’ve been keepping a close eye on all the acts shortlisted for the Mercury Prize. As much as we love Alt-J and Jessie Ware, it looks like Plan B is well in with a chance to win this year.

We have our fingers and toes crossed for him and here’s ill Manors to remind you why he’s awesome. HIT

Global Cool stumbled upon an article in NME mid-week about how a pair of stained underpants owned and worn by Elvis Presley had failed to sell at auction. We can’t imagine why!

For us, it’s all about the music anyway, so here’s Jailhouse Rock to get you rocking this week. Obviously the song is awesome but due to the state of Elvis’ undies we’re going to have to dub this as SHIT

Elsewhere in the world of music Lana Del Rey got her kit off for GQ Magazine and posed naked in a photo shoot.

We’ll always love her for her music but we have no complaints with seeing Lana Del Rey naked. Until then though here’s a video with her a little more suitably clothed…

And finally, Kylie Minogue has announced the release of a brand new album! The Abbey Road Sessions will be released on October 29 and will be a mix of old and new tracks.

Kylie classics take us back to the days when disco/pop was super cool and we really hope this one’s on it…

If you need some musical inspiration why not check out our Spotify playlist to get you grooving on the bus to work. Have a lovely week!

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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