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School of Cool #96: How to change the world like James Cameron (ft. Captain Planet and Arnie)

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Because being cool doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

By Briony Samuel 

James Cameron

So, who is he?
James Cameron is the Canadian film director behind some of our favourite movies such as Titanic, Avatar and The Terminator to name but a few!

He has previously been nominated for six Academy Awards, and won three for his global blockbuster featuring Kate Winslett and Leonardo DiCaprio getting jiggy on the lower decks of a big ship.

Impressive. What else do I need to know?
Here’s a random fact for you… Cameron has been married a whopping five times! Now that’s a lot of wedding cake to get through!

His latest missus is actress Suzy Amis, who played the role of Lizzy Calvert (Rose’s granddaughter) in Titanic. Fingers crossed his fifth marriage isn’t a sinking ship…

He’s a cool guy, but why is he a Global Cool guy?
Cameron’s latest project is an eight-part documentary called The Years of Living Dangerously, which aims to address the human impact we are all having on the planet. The documentary is set to include a star-studded cast such as Alec Baldwin, Don Cheadle (aka Captain Planet) and Fightclub‘s Edward Norton. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger is rumoured to be in the line-up!

By using famous actors to interview people all around the world whose lives have been affected as a direct result of non-green antics, Cameron hopes to make being an eco warrior exciting and to bring people ‘the truth’ on how the world is changing around them (something we’ve been harping on about forever).

The Years of Living Dangerously is scheduled to air next year on American channel Showtime, and with a cast and cause this epic, we can’t wait!

If you’re still wondering why we’re calling Don Cheadle ‘Captain Planet’ you may want to check this video out (Warning: if you don’t want to see Cheadle wearing lycra and turning people into trees look away now)…


Check out the full Funny or Die video here.

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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