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Yeah sure, he’s no Paul Daniels, but we’ve certainly been spell bound by Harry Potter’s magic…

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows premiere

By Emily Rycroft

The Harry Potter premiere last week marked the end of an era for J.K Rowling. We’ve loved watching the stars grow up, with Emma Watson being a Global Cool favourite and Daniel Radcliffe choosing an eco-friendly car.

The books and movies have taught us not to drive our cars by hopping on a broomstick instead, to reuse and recycle by magically repairing everything and to always go organic, especially in Snape’s potions class.

Unfortunately it’s not that easy for us muggles to hop on a broomstick, so here are our tips on how to be like Harry for the greener good…

Do It In Public
Harry and co may have the floo network and disapparating, but we have public transport. We can help you with some amazing music playlists and lots of fantastic books so you can ditch those car keys and jump on the bus. Or if you’d rather immerse yourself in a spot of solitaire, we’ve found the best games and apps around. We’ve even found out from a whole bunch of celebrities why they like to Do It In Public and you can watch all the videos here.

Who needs a port key when there are so many great destinations reachable by train. Who wants to waste time in long airport queues or spend hours stuck on a plane with  leg cramps and screaming children? We have taken some brilliant Traincations all over the globe from Amsterdam with Scott Mills to Munich with Mr Hudson. Wherever you fancy taking a trip to, check out our weekly Traincation ideas for some great inspiration.

Recycling isn’t just putting glass jars into a different bin; you can have lots of fun with customising old clothes or even going Swishing to get a whole new outfit for free. Who said rubbish wasn’t glamorous?

Home energy
It’s super easy to save lots of money and energy by making a few small changes in your home. Simple actions like popping on a jumper and turning down your heating, or making sure not to leave your TV on standby can make a big difference. Why not enter our latest competition to see if you can win an Onzo Smart Energy Kit, the easiest to use energy monitor yet.

The Global Cool office love to hop on a bike. And we have lots of useful tips from Going Going Bike on how to get the most out of your cycling adventures. If you don’t want to cycle every day, why not try cycling to or from work a couple of times each week to incorporate some easy exercise and save lots of pennies.

The movie came out on July 15! Are you going to see it? Tell us what you think about Harry Potter in the comments box below or on Twitter @global_cool

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