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Step aside Farmville… Indiana Jones is on Facebook and he’s here to save the planet

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By Emily Rycroft

The world needs a hero. And who better than movie hard man Harrison Ford.

The actor, who once played action hero Indiana Jones, has jumped on the Facebook gaming bandwagon that has been dominated until now by games like Farmville. Together with Conservation International and gaming experts Talkie he is releasing a new eco-friendly game called Ecotopia.

Users will be in charge of a city plagued with pollution and urban decay. The aim of the game is to do whatever you can to offset the damage and to create a more sustainable town. Players can interact with friends, send each other gifts and even get bonus points for uploading a photo of themselves doing something green. Every month a new villain will be introduced as obstacles in creating a clean environment.

Ford is the vice chairman of Conservation International, a global initiative to create a greener planet. The action star said: “I’m excited to be involved with Ecotopia because I see it as a great way to engage millions of people in our fight to protect our planet by taking action online and in our daily lives. As we work to address the most fundamental issues facing humanity, I think Ecotopia will help get people involved in a way that is fun, educational, and meaningful.”

We think that Indy is on to a winner with Ecotopia, but we imagine there won’t be many snakes in the game! Either way, it has to be better than building cow sheds on Farmville…

Ecotopia will launch on Facebook on April 4. Tell us what you think about it in the comments box below or on Twitter @global_cool

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