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What a horror show! Terrifying Halloween TV that will put you off cosmetic surgery for life…

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Because looking beautiful shouldn’t cost the Earth…

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Skip the haunted house visit and shelve your favourite Hitchcock films this year; reality is what nightmares are really made of this Halloween. From Frankenstein-looking faces to ultra-plastic people and two-tongued men, this year’s monsters come straight from the cosmetic surgery operating table.

Global Cool are big advocates for natural beauty, and these horror shows are one of the best arguments we’ve ever seen for it!

So, double-check that all your doors are locked and huddle under the covers as you watch this year’s most horrifying cosmetic horror shows…

20/20: Extreme Plastic Surgery
Creeped out by horror flicks that have walking and talking dolls in them? One of the most recent 20/20 investigations reveals that it may not be long before you meet one in real life. The show profiles two Barbie and Ken lookalikes—Lacey Wildd and Justin Jedlica. Wildd is famous for her melon-sized L-cup breasts that are so big they’ve actually indentured her ribs (though she’s looking to go even bigger), while Jedlica has had a whopping 90 plastic surgeries. Of course, the lingering questions left by these two addicts are: how far is too far and who should be accountable for drawing the line?

Animal Planet: Top 5 Animal Obsessions
Lurking on the subways and shuttered away in dilapidated houses are some of the world’s most reviled humanimals. The Animal Planet’s featured Top 5 Animal Obsessions playlist introduces you to one of them, Erik “The Lizardman” Sprague. The Lizardman’s extensive list of cosmetic surgeries includes dermal implants, teeth filing, and—brace yourself—splitting his tongue into two parts. The documentary points out that the risk of clinical negligence is extremely high for these types of extreme body modifications, so licensed surgeons are unable to perform them.

ABC: Plastic Celebrity Surgery Gone Too Far
No amount of money can protect you from what can happen when you go under the cosmetic knife. Case in point? Michael Jackson’s ghoulish nose, Mickey Rourke’s haunting scars, and Jocelyn Wildenstein’s Bride of Frankenstein face. This ABC investigation goes face-to-face with Pete Burns, the androgynous frontman of Dead or Alive, whose surgery obsession began with a botched nose job that collapsed on one side. Things got serious in 2000 when a bad lip implant caused serious complications for Burns’ health over the next decade, including eleven kidney stones, thrombosis, and near liver failure. Still, he says he has not yet kicked his plastic surgery addiction.

VH1: Mob Wives
So far, the scariest thing that has happened on this ominous-sounding show is Renee Graziano’s plastic surgery nightmare. Graziano went in for a body lift last summer and ended up having her back split open, resulting in blood loss and wound infections. The cast member has since had the surgery repaired, but in a not-so-surprising dramatic turn of events, she’s now being sued by the surgeon who botched her back for character defamation. Maybe next season we’ll really see the mob in action…

The Swan
If the Stepford Wives freak you out, dig up the old American TV series The Swan this Halloween. The show’s premise was to transform twelve ugly ducklings into graceful swans over the course of three months through a series of training programs, as well as dental and cosmetic surgeries. While the final results aren’t nightmarish, per se, the show’s two seasons do pose some terrifying questions about how we judge beauty—and the lengths women will go to look perfect.

Moral of the tales? Natural beauty products are definitely the way forward…

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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