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1,000 reasons why we love you (and why you love a Jennifer Aniston sex tape, you rotters)

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By Emily Rycroft

Happy 1,000th article to us! Well, sort of. This was meant to be the 1,000th post on our website but maths isn’t our strong point and it’s actually our 1,001st! Oh well, over the past 1,001 articles we’ve brought you loads of ways to go green (1,000 to be precise) and according to the monkeys who keep count for us, these were the 10 that you loved the most. Thanks everyone and do stay with us, we reckon we’re miles off reaching our peak!

10. Top 10 sexiest men on earth
We’re not suprised that an article with pictures of Justin Timberlake, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Pattinson is in your top 10. These boys all made the cut judged not just on looks but also on their green credentials, because we’re not shallow like that. Apart from when it comes to Ian Somerhalder topless – then we are really shallow.

9. Kim Kardashian Summer Diet Tips
Little miss I’m-never-taking-my-clothes-off-again has been so wrapped up in her coming nuptials that she really has managed to keep her clothes on. So it’s no wonder you guys have been frantically hunting for some bikini pics of Kim Kardashian to get your fill. Luckily for us it also helped us show you how get slim the green way.

8. Traincation (multiple articles)
Sun, sea, sand and the train bar? Keeping up to date with the mile long club is important to our readers and we’ve enjoyed writing our flight-free travel adventures as much as you have reading them.

7. The Art Of Conversation – special event London
An oldie but a goodie: We got hold of a restored Routemaster bus and took it on tour around the streets of London during the event, which included talks and activities to get people talking to each other more while using public transport. The only thing missing was Cliff Richard providing the music. On second thoughts, maybe not.

6. Turn Up The Style Turn Down The Heat (multiple articles)
During the chilly winter months we encouraged you to throw on your favourite jumper and Turn Down The Heat to use less energy at home. You all loved our tips and ideas on how to refashion your favourite jumpers and stay warm – without needing to crank up the radiator.

5. Do It In Public (multiple articles)
We love Doing It In Public and like to watch you all at it. That’s why we’re always showing you ways to ditch the car and take the bus or train instead. We’ve also recommended loads of books, games, apps and music to help you Do It In Public.

4. How to dress like Jessie J
Do it like a brother. Do it like Jessie J (clothes-wise that is). We love her music, her make up and her crazy outfits too! Find out how to get her amazing style without breaking the bank. It won’t cost you the earth either.

3. Snog Marry Avoid starring UK Music Festivals, Selena Gomez and the Beckhams
We snogged 14 music festivals for their wonderful green credentials in. We married Disney Channel star Selena Gomez for promoting tap water. And we gave the Beckhams a wide berth for flying all the way from LA to the UK for the Royal Wedding, only to jet home again the following day for a football match. That’s just the kind if people we are. We’ve snogged, married and avoided loads of people over the last few months but it looks like Beck’s balls are still golden as far as you’re concerned.

2. I Love My Jumper
You guys loved Turn Up The Style Turn Down The Heat so much that you all got involved by sending us in photos of you in your favourite jumper. Again there are too many to mention individually, so we will salute you all *puts hand to forehead*.

1. Jennifer Aniston’s sex tape
Suprise suprise! We work our socks off to bring you all sorts of, er, high brow content and all you lot are interested in is Rachel from Friends getting her freak on. And that’s just another reason why we love you. Glad we’re on the same page!

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