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A steamily anticipated and deliciously saucy performance from Jamie Dornan

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Film Review: 5O Shades of Grey

Welcome to our feature Green Screen, written by our film fanatic Hollie Wicks. Each month we’ll be bringing you the scoop on the best movies to spend your pennies on and which cinema flops to avoid.  All we ask in return is that you do your best to take public transport if you’re going to the cinema. Who knows, you might even meet Forrest Gump at the bus stop…

50 Shades of Grey
By Hollie Wicks

There has been no other film as steamily anticipated as 50 Shades of Grey and of course the girls and I had to go see it on the first night. Armed with a bottle of wine dispensed in to classy plastic cups, we were all looking forward to seeing Jamie Dornan aka Christian Grey in all his glory. And we weren’t disappointed.

Anastasia Steele, played by Dakota Johnson, attends an interview for the University paper. And it is here that she is pulled into Grey’s world. Although chemistry was slightly slow to build during the beginning scenes, you could still see the potential for it to grow.

Eventually you see both of them falling for each other, but they are both left wanting more albeit in two completely different ways. One wants security and love and the other wants someone to play a role in his S&M side of life.

Although some scenes come with awkwardly delivered lines, I was definitely pulled into the story without realising. It’s hard to write up this movie without mentioning all the bad reviews that have been all over the media this week. The one I keep seeing is the claim that there wasn’t enough sex. If there was any more sex scenes it wouldn’t have been a movie, it would have been one of those explicit movies found online.

And aside from the sex there was a definite underlying emotional story behind the wild side of Christian Grey. I have to admit, alongside many others, I found myself feeling quite sorry for him.

I ask you to ignore all the reviews good or bad and go see the movie for yourself. Many of you might find yourselves surprised in a good way like I was.

The film is an adaptation of the erotic trilogy written by E.L. James which has sold over 100 million copies worldwide. So it was no surprise to hear that the film made 4.6million in just the first night. And on that note I would like to rate this film a high 6 out of 10. There is definite room for improvement, and half of me wished Jude Law played Christian Grey as he excelled in his somewhat similar film
Alfie. But perhaps Jamie Dornan failed to show his best because co-star Dakota Johnson was oh-so-boring to watch and just not right for the part…well that’s my opinion. Go make yours and book yourself a seat..

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