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Gangland, terrible Latino accents and the ultimate bromance: Channing and Jonah are back in 22 Jump Street

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22 Jump Street

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By Hollie Wicks

After loving the hilarious 21 Jump Street, I was eagerly awaiting the sequel 22 Jump Street (obvs). For those of  you who don’t  know, 22 Jump  Street is a hilariously loved comedic action movie that stars Jonah Hill (Schmidt) and Channing Tatum (Jenko). They both play officers who, after making their way through high school (twice) are awaiting their next big adventure.

Without giving too much away the movie starts in the middle of the usual ridiculous guns ablazing action scene we are all expecting. With Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) trying to stay undercover when approaching a drug cartel meet with a group of Mexicans – you know instantly things won’t be plain sailing when you hear Channing’s poor attempt of  sounding latino.

The scenes are fast moving, one moment you really think they’ve convinced the gang members, next you see Jonah’s character Schmidt being attacked by a giant octopus and then finally they are left hanging by their feet (literally!) and the Mexican’s have got away.

Schmidt and Jenko are then thrown back to square one and are ordered by Deputy Chief Hardy (played by Nick Offerman) to go back to 22 Jump Street to handle smaller cases which are demanded by Ice Cube’s character Captain Dickson.

This sees them packing their bags and going to college undercover to find out (again) who’s the culprit dealing the newest drug. But in between the usual slapdash detective work and hilarious conversations between the pair there is another ongoing interest that questions the stability of the partnership. Jenko meets and falls in bromance love with a hunk of a man on the football team and Schmidt falls for a bohemiam art major, when it all becomes a bit too much the pair are left wondering if they can go on working together. With a hilarious visit to an onsite therapist you sit in hope that they can put their differences aside and come together to stop the drug  dealers after all.

The directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller who have worked together on the recent Lego Movie and the first movie, 21 Jump Street, did an amazing job with what could have been the standard tiresome sequel but instead it was laugh-out-loud action comedy film, I know I’ve been waiting for.

I shout 10/10! Channing and Jonah prove to us once again that the connection they have is definitely worth watching again and again in this brilliantly funny comedic sequel. Grab your cinema buddy and get yourself to the cinema this week to see this entertaining cracker of a film.

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