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Eco warrior Mark Ruffalo vs. wasteful groom George Clooney

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Because living like a celebrity doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Mark Ruffalo and George Clooney

We love to keep up to date with everything that’s going down in celebsville. So to keep you in the loop too, each week we’ll be picking a green A-lister who will become a venerated Eco Saint and an environmentally-discourteous super star to be branded with the title of Eco Sinner. This week, it’s judgement day for Mark Ruffalo and George Clooney

By Rebecca Sellitti

Eco Saint: Mark Ruffalo
Last weekend, more than 300,000 environmental activists stood in solidarity with Mother Earth as they participated in the People’s Climate March, an event organised to convey a message to world leaders that immediate action needs to be taken for the plight of our planet. Folks from all over the world and from every walk of life –politicians, students, scientists, and of course, celebrities united for this momentous occasion, flowing through the streets of Manhattan, sharing the Gospel of Green as it moved down Sixth Avenue.

Although a fair number of Hollywood heavyweights attended the march, none demonstrated more vigour and enthusiasm for the cause than the Oscar-nominated actor, Mark Ruffalo. Congrats are certainly in order for Mr. Ruffalo who beat out a slew of stars of equal luminosity to become Global Cool’s newest Eco Saint!

Mark is a man who’s famous as much for his fight against fracking as he is for his roles in blockbuster films like The Avengers and Now You See Me. In fact, you can bet your booty that if Ruffles has even a single moment to spare away from the set, he’s gonna spend it spreading the word about the benefits of clean energy.

So, it was no great surprise to see Mr. Bruce Banner at the Climate March representing The Solutions Project, a nonprofit organisation committed to getting clean, green energy into our homes as soon as is humanly possible.

Ruffalo was quoted as saying: “I’m here primarily for my children. I want to see the leaders of the world hear the will of the people and begin to implement 100% renewable energy for 100% of the people.” Preach on, brother!

You know, watching the Climate March there were times when I couldn’t help but think that Mark was channeling the ride-or-die activist spirit of his character Ned Weeks in The Normal Heart. Mr. Ruffalo, you’re a true eco warrior and we’re all so very fortunate to have you fighting on the frontlines on behalf mankind and Mother Earth!

Eco Sinner: George Clooney
Well, I guess Satan’s selling ice skates in Hell right about now, because within just a few days the consummate bachelor, George Clooney, is slated to exchange vows with his beautiful British fiancé, Amal Alamuddin, the first woman ever to get this close to putting a ring on it with the commitment-phobic actor. But while I wish the Cloonster and his bride-to-be nothing but the utmost happiness, I’m slapping an Eco Sinner sticker hard onto George’s perky butt for using a private jet to fly 100 cases of tequila from So-Cal all the way to his wedding venue in Venice, Italy!

I kid you not. The salt-and-pepper-haired lothario chartered a planet-polluting private plane for the sole purpose of flying a crapload of Casamigos Tequila thousands of miles across the globe!

Personally, I think the dimple-faced fellow sent the 600 bottles of tequila on a first class trip to Italia just to cement his status as a ‘baller’. We all know you roll big, George. You’ve got nothing to prove.

Mr. Clooney, this degree of extravagance is something I’ve come to expect from pop stars, hip hop artists, and talentless reality show celebs, but not from an educated man who’s made it a point to promote sustainable living. I’m disappointed in you, Georgie Porgie. To make up for your wedding’s heavy carbon footprint you’re going to have to say sayonara to whatever lavish, over-the-top honeymoon you’ve got planned and go camping instead. I hear the woods around Lake Como are really nice…

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