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Planet protector Tobey Maguire vs. heavy metal hunters Metallica

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Because living like a celebrity doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Tobey Maguire and Metallica

We love to keep up to date with everything that’s going down in celebsville. So to keep you in the loop too, each week we’ll be picking a green A-lister who will become a venerated Eco Saint and an environmentally-discourteous super star to be branded with the title of Eco Sinner. This week, it’s judgement day for Tobey Maguire and Metallica…

By Rebecca Sellitti

Eco Saint: Tobey Maguire
I’m convinced that leading a green lifestyle is an absolute prerequisite for entering the inner circle of eco warrior Leonardo DiCaprio (supermodels excepted, of course). So, it comes as no surprise that DiCaprio’s oldest and dearest pal, actor Tobey Maguire, is ALSO committed to saving the planet. Tobey might not be donating millions of dollars to environmental charities like his BFF, but the baby-faced cutie is definitely making a concerted effort to reduce his carbon footprint, and that is why I’m making Mr. Maguire this week’s Global Cool Eco Saint.    

Walking around the sweltering streets of L.A, the Cider House Rules star was spotted quenching his thirst with some refreshing H2O. However, rather than going the disposable plastic bottle route, Tobes opted to wet his whistle with water from his eco friendly reusable steel thermos. (That’s my Spidey. Always trying to save the planet!)

Typical plastic water bottles, like the ones you get from your office vending machine, take over 1000 years to biodegrade, and when incinerated, dump oodles of toxic fumes into our atmosphere. For those of who are like: “well I recycle MY water bottles”, that’s terrific! I wish more people would follow your lead. Unfortunately in the United States only one in five individuals will toss their empty Evian bottle into an official recycling receptacle. That depressing statistic explains why our landfills are busting at the seams with over 2 million tons of plastic water bottle detritus. Scientists also estimate that roughly 3 liters of water are used to produce just one liter of bottled H2O, meaning that most of this precious natural resource literally goes down the drain ever time we fill a solitary bottle of agua.

Fortunately, folks like Tobey Maguire are wising up, ditching the plastic and purchasing reusable water containers. By drinking from steel or glass bottles, you too will not only be protecting the planet, but your wallet as well! Those £££ you WON’T be spending on filtered tap water with a fancy name, can goes towards that exciting Traincation you’ve been itching to take!

Eco Sinners: Metallica
The legendary rock band Metallica is getting slammed by animal rights activists because the groups’ front man, James Hetfield, narrated a docu-series that follows individuals as they track and kill brown bears in the Alaskan wilderness.

I normally don’t take aim at hunters (mainly because I’m afraid they’ll grab their rifles and take aim right back), but the way the rockers handled this situation was so incredibly juvenile that I had to no choice but to induct the ‘Heavy-Middle’ band formerly known as Metallica into the Eco Sinner Hall of Shame.

Hetfield participated in the documentary series The Hunt, which chronicles the biannual brown bear hunt in Kodiak, Alaska. British animal welfare groups didn’t take too kindly to James’ support of big game hunting, so they drafted petitions to ban Metallica from performing at the Glastonbury. Hetfield could’ve responded to his critics in the mature manner befitting of a man well into his golden years with graying hair and the high decibel music of his youth still ringing in his ears as incurable tinnitus. But instead, James and his cohorts opted to mock the animal rights activists by shooting a short film featuring band members, clad in grizzly bear costumes, murdering British aristocrats as they engaged in the fox hunt.

And as if the posting of Glastallica (SUCH a clever title, almost as memorable as Bennifer) on YouTube wasn’t enough of a middle finger to animal rights activists, Metallica also dared to air the movie at Glastonbury, right before the middle-aged rockers took to the stage. Low blow, dudes.

I’m just gonna sit back and let PETA have a field day with you fellers! Peace! 

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