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School Of Cool #121: How to be more than just Ordinary People like Robert Redford

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Because acting like a celeb doesn’t have to cost the Earth… 

Robert RedfordSo, who is he?
Robert Redford, is an American actor, film director, producer, philanthropist, and founder of the Sundance Film Festival. He has got two Oscars under his belt – one in 1981 for directing Ordinary People, and one for Lifetime Achievement in 2002. He’s even a knight in France!

Impressive. What else do I need to know?
Did you know his name is actually Charles? Robert is his middle name.

So, he’s a cool guy, but why is he a Global Cool guy?
Robert Redford has been fighting on behalf of the planet for more than 30 years so we’re pretty surprised we haven’t popped him in our School Of Cool a lot earlier!

He’s been harping on forever about the impact of oil spills and how we need to green up our act. He even got our hearts all a flutter in an article for the Huffington Post. The self-confessed environmental activist challenged the public handouts to oil, gas and coal companies.

He’s even used slam poetry to try to get young people intested in saving the planet!

Oh Robert Redford (aka The Sundance Kid)… “Don’t you get sick of being right all the time?”…

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

GC articles show you one of four ways (the one in bold) to live greener…

/ Be a winner (not a binner) /
/ Turn up the style (not the heat) /
/ Love the trend (not the spend) /
Do it in public (not the car/plane) /

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