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Sustainable superhero Mark Ruffalo vs. wasteful warbler Mariah Carey

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Because living like a celebrity doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Mark Ruffalo and Mariah Carey

Welcome to our new feature to replace Snog Marry Avoid. Now, instead of a simple snog, the green A-lister will become a venerated Eco Saint. And in lieu of avoiding an environmentally-discourteous super star, he or she will be branded with the title of Eco Sinner. This week it’s judgement day for Mark Ruffalo and Mariah Carey…

By Rebecca Sellitti

Mark RuffaloEco Saint
Mark Ruffalo: The patron saint of sustainable superheroes
There are few Hollywood heavyweights who dedicate more time to environmental causes than the Oscar nominated actor, Mark Ruffalo. So, it didn’t surprise me in the slightest to learn that The Avengers star is itching to use his role as Bruce Banner and his ‘roid-induced alter ego, the Incredible Hulk, to spread his eco-conscious epistle. The A-lister’s efforts toward making the decidedly lime-toned Hulk even greener than ever before, is why I’ve decided to glorify Mr. Mark Ruffalo as this week’s Eco-saint.

Mark, who can next be seen sporting the Hulk’s famous purple cutoffs in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, has recently been hinting that a Hulk solo project could be in the works. Giving Ruffalo two hours of screen time in a new Hulk blockbuster is something that should give both Marvel fans and eco-activists cause for celebration, because you’d best believe the scruffy actor is going to take advantage of the opportunity to share his earth-friendly message with such a massive audience.

An issue I’m sure Mark would love to see illuminated on the silver screen is the controversial practice of fracking. Nothing ‘ruffles’ this actor’s feathers more than the environmentally hazardous act of pumping millions of tons of toxic chemicals into the earth in order to extract minimal amounts of oil and gas. So you bet that the subject of fracking will be touched upon if Ruffalo’s standalone Hulk movie is given the green light (pun very much intended).

I’m not really into the comic book scene (I fear this confession will result in the immediate revocation of all my geek privileges), but even your trusty celebrity-tattler here would gladly shell out the £12 to watch the Hulkster rain down his eco-wrath upon big oil!!

Mariah CareyEco-Sinner
Mariah Carey: The wasteful warbler
In all the years Mariah Carey has been on the music scene, I don’t believe the adjective ‘modest’ has ever ONCE been used to describe the sultry songstress (Go ahead, Google if you don’t believe me).

Even in the opulent arena of pop superstardom, Ms. Carey’s lifestyle stands out as being on the ostentatious side, and the latest example of her environmentally-unfriendly and ever more lavish lifestyle, has virtually forced me to name the chart-topping singer as this week’s biggest Eco-sinner!

Yup, while flying into Los Angeles recently to attend an award ceremony, the Emotions singer pulled out all the stops to prove that she deserves both her title as the world’s preeminent ‘Diva’, and her eco-stinker award.

First off, the talented Mrs. Nick Cannon chose to fly to L.A on her private gulfstream jet. And what’s the fun of flying in a private plane if you can’t post Instagram pics of yourself aboard that luxurious aircraft as Mariah did? Thanks for helping to glamourise this highly fuel-inefficient form of air travel, Ms. Carey. And by the way, should women over the age of 40 even be TAKING selfies?

The prima donna behaviour only worsened upon Mariah’s arrival in L.A. Surrounded by an entourage the size of a football team, the mighty vocalist strutted her way through LAX sporting oversized sunglasses (at night, of course), knee high leather boots, and a coat made from real alligator skins.
Advertising your wasteful behavior on social media, AND wearing dead reptiles… seriously, Mimi? Until you can find a way to merge your ‘divalicious’ ways with a sustainable lifestyle, you will bear the shameful moniker of Eco Sinner! May Global Cool have mercy on your carbon footprint!

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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