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Fashion recycler Lorde vs. gas-guzzling Kimye

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Because living like a celebrity doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Lorde and Kimye

We love to keep up to date with everything that’s going down in celebsville. So to keep you in the loop too, each week we’ll be picking a green A-lister who will become a venerated Eco Saint and an environmentally-discourteous super star to be branded with the title of Eco Sinner. This week, it’s judgement day for Lorde and Kimye…

By Rebecca Sellitti

Eco Saint: Lorde
Celebrities are not exactly known for the modesty of their lifestyles (shocker). If the truth be told, there’s even a level of ostentation reserved exclusively for them and no one else: with private jets, multiple mega-mansions, cars by the dozen, and clothing that, like toilet paper, can only be used once, lest the celeb be thought of as ‘scraping bottom’ by his or her adoring fans. They’re all about that waste, ‘bout that waste, ‘bout that waste. (Just can’t get that Trainor outta my head.)

Thankfully, Grammy Award winning recording artist, Lorde, is a rare exception to this rule. The Kiwi teen whose siren sounds have lured millions from around the world, is preaching the word about repurposing. So, for embracing a life of resourcefulness, I’m making you, Ms. Lorde, Global Cool’s newest Eco Saint!

The down-to-earth Royals singer is so intent on showing her fans that it’s absolutely insane to consign an item of apparel to oblivion after wearing it only once, that she’s set out to prove that she can incorporate even the most formal of garments into her everyday wardrobe.

For instance, this one-of-a-kind Narciso Rodriguez crop top Lorde originally dressed up with a smashing blazer on the Golden Globes red carpet, she then dressed down with sneaks and blue jeans for a casual day of lounging around the house.

Lorde posted a pic of her laid back look on Instagram:

Lorde Instagram

The caption says: “All into reusing parts of past award show outfits (this is my golden globes top) cause they’re CUSTOM MADE and too good to just hang up and never wear again u feel…”

I am totally impressed by the practicality and thriftiness of the 18 year old millionaire! This green-eyed beauty could easily afford to wear a brand spankin’ new outfit every single day of the year, but she opts to rework the clothes she’s already got hanging in her closet to create totally unique and innovative ensembles! Helping Mother Earth by recycling AND showing the world she’s a fashion force to be reckoned – Lorde knows, that woman can do it all!

Eco Sinners: Kim and Kanye
Two celebrities who’ve done nothing to scale back their opulent lifestyles à la the lovely Ms. Lorde – are Kim Kardahsian and Kanye West. I mean, everything about their day-to-day existence is flamboyant and waaay over-the-top. This past weekend, Mr and Mrs West traveled East from their L.A home by private jet to Phoenix, Arizona for Super Bowl 49. And as they did, the environment headed South. Upon landing in the desert city, the attention-seeking pair were quickly whisked away in gargantuan SUVs, proving to the world that the Wests are indeed, the King and Queen of Extravagance. They committed so many environmental offenses on their trip to Phoenix that I can’t even single out any one in particular, so lets just say that for placing themselves once again at the center of the Earth, and not the Earth at the center of their world, I’m naming the reality star and her hip-hop hubby Global Cool Eco Sinners.

The average American celebrates Super Bowl Sunday at home with their best buds, chugging beer, eating pizza, and yelling obscenities at a television only slightly-smaller than a drive-in movie screen. Obnoxious perhaps, but not pretentious.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are anything BUT the average, everyday couple but for just this once couldn’t they have toned it down a little? Nope! The new parents just had to fly to Arizona from L.A to watch the Super Bowl in person at the cost of a hundreds of gallons of jet fuel!

Couple that with the fur coats Mr. and Mrs. Yeezy chose as their travel-wear, and the gas-guzzling SUVs they used to get around, and we’re talking his and her matching mammoth-sized carbon footprints as a memento of their Super Bowl weekend.

I wish that these two would learn their lesson and clean up their act, but I won’t be holding my breath…though I may have to if Kimye and company continue to pollute the atmosphere the way they do!

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

GC articles show you one way (the one in bold) to live greener…

/ Be a winner (not a binner) /
/ Turn up the style (not the heat) /
/ Love the trend (not the spend) /
/ Do it in public (not the car/plane) /

Lorde image: PA Images. Kimye image: Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA Wire.

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