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Snog, Marry, Avoid all-star edition: Starring Jessica Alba, Ian Somerhalder and Justin Bieber

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Because acting like a celebrity doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Jessica Alba, Ian Somerhalder and Justin Bieber

We’ve really loved all the snogging, marrying and avoiding of celebs over the years. So it’s with a heavy heart that we say a big farewell to Snog, Marry, Avoid. But don’t despair. Instead we’ll be launching a brand spanking new feature, revealing our Eco Saint and Eco Sinner of the week from celebsville.

So here are our all star winners, picked by Ms Rebecca Sellitti. Check out her top picks of the celebrity most worthy of a smooch, the superstar most worthy of a trip down the aisle and the A-lister most deserving of her cold shoulder…

Most snoggable
The top-grossing actress, Jessica Alba, possesses a level of beauty that is simply unattainable for us mere mortals. So, it’s a bit of a personal challenge for me to put my jealousy aside and heap praises on the stunning Ms. Alba for embracing the green lifestyle. But, I’ve got to give credit where credit is due (dammit!). With her thriving line of eco-friendly baby products, and a bestselling book explaining the importance of sustainable living, the sexpot turned Earth Mother has more than earned her award as 2013’s Most Snoggable Eco-Celebrity.

Alba’s web-based startup, The Honest Company, which sells merchandise specifically designed for the eco-conscious parent, is finally beginning to gain momentum.  It’s only been two years since its launch, and Jessica’s goods are already a must-have for every new mom & pop (not THOSE goods, you pervs).

The year 2013 also marked the alluring actress’ foray into the literary world with the bestselling book  An Honest Life, basically a ‘How-To’ guide for living a fun, healthy, and green life. What surprised me was the fact Jessica Alba, who is not exactly hurting for money, gives eco-tips that can be useful for folks on even the tightest of budgets.

The Sin City star has proven herself to be an eco-force to be reckoned with and the true Queen of Green!

Most Marriage-worthy
Okay, so even if Ian Somerhalder drove around in an 18-wheeler with a bald eagle mounted on its bonnet, I’d probably still want to exchange vows with the man (I’m shallow; I won’t deny it). Fortunately I don’t have to compromise my eco-standards, because Ian just happens to be one of the most prominent eco-activists in Hollywood. In fact, I don’t believe any celebrity has been more effective in spreading the message of sustainable living to today’s youth. So, the fact I’ve decided to name Ian Somerhalder as 2013’s Most Marriage-worthy Eco-celebrity, should come as absolutely no surprise.

The busy actor has dedicated what little free time he has to making his legions of fans not only AWARE of the dangers facing our environment, but also providing his Somerhalics with actions they can take to prevent Mother Earth’s health from further decline. Ian, being the wise man he is, knows that the best way to reach The Millennial Generation is through the use of social media, so natch this Salvatore brother has transformed his Twitter account into a virtual billboard for eco-friendly causes.

2013 also marked the year this blue-eyed devil turned 35, and in lieu of gifts, the humble fellow simply asked for donations to be made to his eco-friendly nonprofit organization, The Ian Somerhalder Foundation. What a sweetheart!

This magnificent man is well on his way to becoming one of our most powerful weapons against global warming – just you wait!!

Most avoidable
Choosing the celebrity to recognise as  2013’s A-lister to Avoid was not exactly a challenge. Justin Bieber’s jet-setting lifestyle and wanton disregard for the environment has made Justin an easy pick for the undesirable title.

Justin Bieber behaves exactly the way you’d expect a teenaged boy with money, fame, and no disciplinary presence in his life, to act toward the planet: like he owns it.

After having his first pet monkey taken away from him, Bieber’s monkey business continued when someone in Justin’s entourage saw fit to gift the kid with another simian, which as far as I can tell, was promptly lost somewhere in the Florida panhandle.

Remember? He left his private jet idling on the tarmac for hours while he flew a helicopter all over looking for his monkey mate? Let’s see if we can tally the eco-atrocities JB committed on that one day: We’ve got the idling private plane wasting massive amounts of fuel; then there’s the unnecessary requisition of a helicopter to search for a mammal the size of a soccer ball in a state larger than England; and can we throw in the fact that there’s no confirmation the monkey was ever located? I don’t know if that’s an environmental-faux pas, but it certainly puts Justin in the running for the worst celebrity pet-owner since Paris Hilton.

In addition, Selena Gomez’s boy-toy clocked more hours in his gas-guzzling private jet than the rest of us did playing Candy Crush on our iPhones!

I could also go on and on about the Canadian singer’s obscene collection of fuel-inefficient cars, his new career as a graffiti artist, and his affinity for fur trappers, but it appears we’re out of time. Translation: I’m itching to watch the premiere of Here Comes Honey-Boo Boo which is minutes away from airing!

Anyhow, let’s hope for the planet’s sake and mine that this Heartbreaker surprises me and greens up his act in 2014!

So it’s with a little tear in our eye that we close our final Snog, Marry, Avoid. We’ve had a blast, we hope you have too. Check back next week for our brand new feature!

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