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Reasons to snog, marry and avoid Jennifer Garner, Rachel Zoe and Kevin Sorbo

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Because living like a celeb doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Jennifer Garner and Rachel Zoe

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By Rebecca Sellitti

Jennifer Garner is known for many things: her successful acting career, her brilliant smile and of course becoming Mrs. Ben Affleck (‘Bennifer’ was already taken). But, it is the Hollywood sweetheart’s role as poster child for locally-sourced food, that has nabbed Jennifer the spot as this week’s most ‘snoggable’ eco-celeb.

It’s nearly impossible to open up a tabloid magazine without seeing a picture of the Alias actress scurrying about town with her three adorable munchkins and the vast majority of these paparazzi pics show the down-to-earth A-lister shopping for groceries at her local farmer’s market. Seriously, there are 10 times as many photographs of Jen perusing aisles of fresh produce than there are of her walking the red carpet! This earth mother obviously understands the environmental benefits of buying foods that are locally grown.

Locally-sourced goods don’t travel cross-country in pollutant-producing 18-wheelers, nor do the fruits and veggies linger and inevitably spoil in energy-draining warehouse refrigerators. By opting to acquire your apples at the local farmer’s market, you’re taking an important step to helping out ol’ Mother Earth.

Stylist to the stars, Rachel Zoe, makes her living by knowing what’s en vogue. And when this top-tier trendsetter declares eco-friendly apparel to be the season’s ‘hautest’ craze, fashionistas of the world take notice. So, for creating a list of this year’s swankiest eco-conscious holiday gifts, I’m taking a trip down the aisle with Ms. Rachel Zoe.

Many individuals, myself included, are making a genuine effort to shop for Christmas gifts that are both stylish and sustainable. Rachel’s Eco-Friendly Gift Guide is an absolute must-read for those of us trying to locate those often hard to find planet-friendly presents like these:

Anton Heunis Chandelier Earrings: Crafted from salvaged materials, these sparklers are certain to win the heart of any woman lucky enough to be gifted with a pair of the beautiful baubles.

Josie Maran’s Luxe Lip Treatment: These 100% organic beauty products fit perfectly inside stockings hung by the chimney with care.

Pacifica Soy Candle Gift Set: These fantastically fragrant, but clean-burning candles, are guaranteed to please even the most impossible-to-shop-for friends.

Ana Khouri’s Rough Emerald Michelle Cuff: Made from recycled and fair trade gold, this breathtakingly beautiful bracelet is well worth its Matterhorn-steep £27,000 price tag. And since it’s obvious to everyone that the lush cuff was crafted with MY delicate wrist in mind, I expect to find this choice piece of jewelry under my tree on Christmas morning. Are you listening, Santa Claus?

A big green thumb’s up to Ms. Zoe for organizing this fantastic list of eco-chic gift ideas. This shows me that, without a doubt, the only thing bigger than her heart, is her oversized sunglasses!

Kevin SorboAvoid
In an era when so many celebrities are eager to speak out about the dangers of climate change, it’s quite surprising (and entertaining) to find an actor willing to tout himself as a proud denier. Mr. Kevin Sorbo, for doing your darndest to debunk the ‘myth’ of climate change, you are getting this week’s cold shoulder from yours truly.

Mr. Sorbo, best-known for his portrayal of Hercules, took his ‘climate theory’ to Facebook, and using rhetoric befitting of an actor who’s spent much of his career dressed only in a loincloth, explained to his fans that not only is the globe not warming, but he has scientific proof that will show, in fact, that the earth is COOLING:

“With evidence piling up inch-by-snowy-inch that the planet’s temperature is headed south, activists had no choice but to rebrand the name of their scheme to transfer huge bundles of Western wealth to Third World tyrants from “global warming” to “climate change”, argues Sorbo.

Kevin’s inane diatribe came as a response to Reddit’s decision to ban climate change deniers from speaking out in their science forums. How DARE Reddit imply that folks who haven’t yet converted to, what Kev-bo calls, “the pseudo-religion of Global Warmism”, are misinformed!

Sorbo shrewdly uses Jolly Old St. Nicholas to support his claims of global cooling: “I’m not sure where Greenpeace thinks Santa lives, but I recently visited his stomping grounds up here in Alaska and it looks okay to me.” How do you argue with someone who brings Kris Kringle into a scientific discussion? Should my rebuttal include testimony from the Easter Bunny?

And, just for funsies, here’s a pic of Sorbo in a leather Speedo (see right, if you dare).

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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