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Reasons to snog, marry and avoid Jared Leto, Leonardo DiCaprio and Drew Barrymore

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Because living like a celeb doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Jared Leto and Drew Barrymore

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By Rebecca Sellitti

I don’t really think gals – or guys – need any additional reason to want to smooch the luscious lips of Jared Leto, but I’m about to give you one anyway!

Jared’s rock band 30 Seconds to Mars is holding a contest for their fans, and the winner will be granted a sleepover with Leto and his bandmates. Now get your mind out of the gutter, kiddies. This is a SLEEPover, as in footy pajamas and actual sleep – not a Caligula-style orgy. The lucky fans will get to spend the night with 3STM at their sound studio, and as if that isn’t enough of a prize, the winner will also get to feast on vegan pancakes cooked by Mr. Catalano…I mean Mr. Leto, himself.

Jared is a longtime vegan and actually credits his dairy-free lifestyle for his age-defying looks (though I suspect a deal with the Dark Prince is the ACTUAL cause of his timeless beauty). So, let us salute this azure-eyed rock star for being such an awesome ambassador for vegetarianism!

Leonardo DiCaprioMarry
Normally, I’d hesitate to include Leonardo DiCaprio in this column. His name has become so synonymous with ‘green-living’ that it smacks of redundancy to single him out for EVERY eco-friendly deed he does. However, the bank he raised this week for global conservation just cannot be ignored!

The Oscar-nominated actor organized an art auction to help endangered species, that wound up netting more than £25 million. (By the way, who here is impressed by my ability to convert dollars to pounds? Huh? Just me?)

Anyhow, Leo used his considerable clout to get world-renowned artists like Bansky and Mark Grotjahn to donate their works to the cause, so it comes as no surprise that some of the bids for the paintings exceeded the £4 million mark. With all that money raised for wildlife charities, the African elephants can sleep just a little bit easier tonight. And all thanks to the efforts of Hollywood’s own Captain Planet!

What? Ms. Barrymore, an actress well-known for her eco-consciousness, is being placed in the shameful ‘Avoid’ column? Have I gone mad?  Well….I HAVE, but that’s beside the point.

Drew has always preached, and for the most part, practiced an eco-friendly way of life. From her efforts to help save the whales to her creation of a cruelty-free line of make-up, the actress has done more for green causes than almost any other woman in Hollywood.

That’s why I was quite surprised to hear that this eco-warrior has been cruising around L.A in a gas-guzzling Range Rover. Now, normally I wouldn’t bat an eye at the sight of another celebrity driving an SUV, but as someone who is an outspoken advocate for environmental causes, Drew should expect her choice of transportation to be noticed, and to raise a few eyebrows if it fails the eco-hypocrisy test.  Something about seeing the actress ride about town in a car that goes 17 miles per gallon, just leaves a bad taste in my mouth!

Have no fear, though. I’m sure Drew will be back to being snoggable in no time at all – as soon as she trades-in her Dumb Car for a Smart Car at the Beverly Hills Carmax!

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

GC articles show you a few ways (the ones in bold) to live greener…

/ Be a winner (not a binner) /
/ Turn up the style (not the heat) /
/ Love the trend (not the spend) /
Do it in public (not the car/plane) /

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