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Subway savvy Drew Barrymore vs. gas guzzler Lady Gaga

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Because living like a celebrity doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Drew Barrymore and Lady Gaga

We love to keep up to date with everything that’s going down in celebsville. So to keep you in the loop too, each week we’ll be picking a green A-lister who will become a venerated Eco Saint and an environmentally-discourteous super star to be branded with the title of Eco Sinner. This week, it’s judgement day for Drew Barrymore and Lady Gaga…

By Rebecca Sellitti

Eco Saint: Drew Barrymore
Let’s all give a big hand to actress Drew Barrymore for being caught in the act of Doing It In Public! No, the California cutie and her hubby weren’t in the heart of Central Park indulging in some afternoon delight. Rather, the child star turned Hollywood heavyweight was spotted riding the rails of New York City’s famed Subway system. So, for choosing planet friendly public transport as her method of travel, I’m naming the bubbly blonde Barrymore a Global Cool Eco Saint!

As one of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses, there’s no doubt Drew could’ve afforded to charter a black, luxury SUV while promoting her latest rom-com in NYC. But, instead of going the gas-guzzling SUV route, Ms. Barrymore remained conscious of her footprint on the planet and let the Subway take her around The Big Apple. Smart woman.

Now, I know there are a lot of myths regarding the NYC Subway; that it’s a filthy, disease-ridden transit system that doubles as a homeless shelter. But, that’s really not the case. Sure, there’s some graffiti on the walls, and you must, MUST wash your hands after touching anything on the train, but I still think it’s the most enjoyable way to get around New York City.

The best part about the New York Subway is that you never know who you’ll see in the seat beside you. Okay, it COULD just be a run-of-the-mill hipster, but you just never know when the butt touching yours (in a good way, of course) could belong to a rock star or a Broadway luminary, or maybe even to a famous movie star like Ms. Barrymore!

Eco Sinner: Lady Gaga
As it happens, Drew is not the only young celebrity promoting a project in New York City this week. Avant-garde pop star Lady Gaga has also been out and about in Manhattan on a publicity tour for her latest album, artRave. But, unlike Drew, who seems more than happy to ride the Subway, Lady Gaga (living up to her regal name, I suppose) prefers to be driven around NYC in a ginormous, pollutant-producing monstrosity of an SUV. So, I’m sorry Little Monsters, but I’m gonna have to dishonor your mama with the title of Global Cool Eco Sinner.

To be perfectly honest, wagging my green finger at Ms. Gaga is getting a little bit old. First, because of her penchant for flying in private jets. Then, the Lady’s fetish for fur landed her on my list of Eco Sinners.

Okay, let’s say I understand that Stephani’s super-duper star status might make riding the Subway a tad tricky, but there’s a ton of superfly hybrids and electric cars on the market, in which Her Poker Faceness can move from point A to point B, so there’s really no excuse for Gaga to be driving around Manhattan in a big-arse sports utility vehicle.

Ms. Germanotta has a big heart and a HUGE fan base, so I genuinely hope she will embrace the green movement, because it sure could use someone with her star-power and influence in its corner! 

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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