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Farewell to chastising the Kardashians and swooning over Ian Somerhalder… for now

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Because being as cool as a celeb doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Ian Somerhalder and Kim Kardashian

By Rebecca Sellitti 

Dear Readers,

For roughly four years I’ve had the pleasure of writing for UK’s preeminent green lifestyle organisation, Global Cool.  The experience of composing weekly columns for GC has provided me an enviable platform for speaking about mankind’s most pressing environmental threats while at the same time giving me cart blanche to dish on all your favorite celebrities.

I’ve had such a blast ripping on Justin Bieber for his private planes predilection, and chastising the Kardashian Klan for promoting those gas-guzzling Range Rovers. But, it’s always been in good fun. As they say, hate the eco sin, not the eco-sinner. (Actually, as I say. I’m the only one who says that.)

Writing for Global Cool has opened my eyes to the fact that in reality very few Hollywood superstars are carbon unconscious, and that for the most part their sometimes spectacular wealth is not wasted on needless consumption. I’ve learned that, quite the contrary, many celebs are dedicated to keeping our planet from dissolving into a pile of toxic sludge by putting their money and time where their mouths are. From outspoken conservationists like Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo who have made it their life’s mission to spread a message of sustainability, to stars like Naomi Watts and Shailene Woodley who quietly do their part for Mother Earth by keeping their carbon footprints as miniscule as possible, these A+ A-listers are all equally praiseworthy in my considered opinion.

If I absolutely had to choose, it was actor Ian Somerhalder and his band of ‘Somerholics’ who made the greatest impression on this little lady. Initially, I thought that Ian’s devotees would be just like any number of other fan bases caught up in the beauty of their idol rather than what is near and dear to their icon’s heart. I couldn’t have imagined that this group would gain genuine inspiration from Sir Somerhalder and become passionate planet-protectors in their own right. But, that’s exactly what happened! These young eco-warriors are going to lead the way to a clean and greener planet Earth. Mark my words!

At this point some of you may be wondering what this letter is all about. Well, I won’t be able to write for Global Cool in the future, and it was important to me that I provide an appropriate farewell to my readers. I’m in the process of creating my very own eco-website, though, and if the Fates allow I will continue to lambast the extravagant entertainers and exalt members of the green glitterati! In fact, I can’t think of anything I’d rather do! Stay tuned for more info!

Last, but certainly not least, I want to extend a debt of gratitude to the editors at Global Cool, the insanely dashing Mr. Chris Deary and the brilliant and beautiful Ms. Emily Rycroft, for giving me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They took a HUGE gamble in taking the writings of this cloistered Yank and publishing them in the website of a distinguished and world-renowned eco-organisation. I hope I did you proud guys. Thanks! And thanks to all of you!

Peace and love,
Rebecca Sellitti

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