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School Of Cool #116: How to be as classy as Anjelica Huston (aka Morticia Addams)

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Because being cool doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Anjelica HustonSo, who is she?
Halloween is just around the corner and we have to admit we’re pretty gosh darn excited about it. We’ve been digging out all our favourite scary films to get us in the mood which led us to spending a rainy Sunday afternoon watching the The Addams Family (in particular, wishing we could be as cool as Morticia Addams aka Anjelica Huston). And after a bit of digging we discovered that she’s not only our Halloween idol but she’s also doing her bit for Mother Earth too.

Impressive. What else do I need to know?
Did you know that in 1985 Anjelica Huston became the third generation of her family to win an Academy Award, after her father and grandfather. Not just a pretty face and a great actress, she also worked with PETA last year urging Hollywood to stop using great apes on screen. PETA even named her their Person of the Year 2012!

So, she’s a cool girl, but why is she a Global Cool girl?
When Wednesday Addams’ on-screen mum was asked to decorate a pop-up pod in her Venice neighbourhood as part of the Hello L.A. campaign, she made the wise choice of keeping it eco-friendly. Anjelica’s pod worked closely with interior designer Orlando Soria, choosing mostly vintage furniture and eco-friendly materials for a classic, feminine (and sustainable) look.

She even held a dinner at the opening of the pod, serving farm fresh vegetables in a repurposed parking lot behind the pod. The restaurants Joe’s and Willie Jane teamed up to prepare a meal using hand-picked vegetables from their garden – sounds delicious!

Here’s Anjelica Huston in action now as Morticia in The Addams Family

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

GC articles show you one of four ways (the one in bold) to live greener…

/ Be a winner (not a binner) /
/ Turn up the style (not the heat) /
/ Love the trend (not the spend) /
Do it in public (not the car/plane) /

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