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Reasons to snog, marry and avoid Adrien Brody, Ellen Page and Katy Perry

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Because living like a celeb doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Ellen Page and Katy Perry

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By Rebecca Sellitti

Adrien BrodySnog
Hope you don’t mind a little bristle tickling your lip, cause this week you’re going to be snogging the facial-hair-clad Adrien Brody. The lanky Oscar winner earns two very enthusiastic green thumbs-up for choosing a Velo Bike as his preferred mode of transportation.

While on holiday in France, my favorite Brody (Adam is a close second – gosh, I miss ‘The O.C”.) nixed the chauffeured-car most A-listers opt for, and decided to pedal his bony-butt around Paris on an eco-friendly bicycle. This is a very wise move on the part of the man best known for assaulting Halle Berry’s lips! Not only are bikes much kinder to our planet than petrol-burning automobiles, they also provide the rider with an excellent cardio workout! So, with all the calories he’s burning on his Velo, Adrien can inhale Pâté and croissants to his heart’s content!

After much deliberation, I’ve deemed petite powerhouse Ellen Page to be this week’s most marriage-worthy celebrity. While many attention-seeking actresses are happy to glam themselves up for events that benefit green charities, few of those starlets are willing to make the lifestyle changes necessary to significantly reduce their effect on the planet. However, eco-warrior Page is so committed to treading lightly on Mother Earth that she spent an entire month residing in an eco-commune. The experience of living off the grid caused the Canadian cutie to grow a new appreciation for freeganism, and also helped her prep for the role as an eco-anarchist in her new movie, The East. Opening in U.S theaters Friday, The East is a gripping thriller about eco-vigilantes who set about punishing corporate executives whose companies have committed environmental atrocities.

Now unlike Izzy (her character in the film), Page will probably NOT be forcing water-polluting execs to bathe in slurry from their own factories, but I’m betting she WILL continue to use her fame to raise awareness for environmental causes. That’s what makes Ellen one badass eco-babe!

Side Note: Everyone should check out The East when it hits theaters. If the eco-friendly message isn’t enough to persuade you to check out the film, perhaps the fact  that it stars Alexander (I’m a God) Skarsgård will get you to shell out £13 for a ticket! Check out the trailer now…

This week, I suggest keeping your distance from Ms. Katy Perry. No, not because she’s rumored to be rekindling her romance with man-whore John Mayer, but rather because the original  California Gurl has decided to purchase not one, but TWO neighbouring mega-mansions. The Firework singer shelled-out $11.2 million for her new homes, which sit on over four acres of prime Hollywood Hills real estate.

Katy Perry, no matter how ubiquitous her boobs seem in be in TV commercials and celebrity rags, is actually only one single person, meaning that one of her mansions will always be uninhabited, no matter how fast she runs her stiletto-clad feet between the two. When I think of all the wasted energy and resources being supplied to an empty house, I get…well… gosh darn angry!

Anyhow, while I believe Perry’s motivation for purchasing the homes is related to her desire for privacy, I refuse to give her a free pass on this eco-no-no.

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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