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Celebrity Snog Marry Avoid: Starring Russell Brand, Lily Allen and The Only Way is Essex

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Russell Brand

By Emma Cheshire

We’re always on the look out for the good, the bad and the ugly in celebsville. But unlike most of the celebrity rags, we’re more concerned with who’s using their canvas bag at the supermarket than who’s been spending a little bit too much quality time with the botox needle. And what better way to put them to rights than by playing our favourite TV show, Snog Marry Avoid…


Russell Brand might be married to one of the hottest girls in pop but we bet that Katy Perry hasn’t given him a huge snog for his gardening skills. This week Brand said that he’s trying to get out the house by putting all his spare time into growing his own little plot. If a sexy celebrity with a hectic schedule can find the time to nurture something green, then we’re going to turn off our telly this weekend and start digging!

If you’ve been watching Lily Allen’s new reality TV show (Riches to Rags) then you’ll know that she’s Britain’s new queen of vintage. Lily’s abandoned the showbiz life (or has at least tried to), to open her new shop Lucy in Disguise – a haven of designer vintage clothes that anyone can rent or buy. So if the pay cheque’s just come in you can get an amazing outfit that has been recycled, and will continue to be once you’ve enjoyed wearing it! Guilt-free, easy and affordable fashion – it has to be better than pushing your way through high street shops to get what everyone else has, especially if you need a show-stopping dress for your prom or a big summer party.

The Only way is Essex is Britain’s answer to Jersey Shore, and now that it’s back on our screens it’s impossible not to be addicted to the drama and fakery. Their relationships might give you all the weekly entertainment you need, but they could all learn a thing or two. Arg might be trying to pass his driving test, but we say leave off and stick with the bus! And to all those glamorous girls in their one-wear-only mini dresses, fake tan and make up, scrape it off and go au naturale more often and wear those teeny tiny clothes more than once. It’s not like the guys are looking at the few inches of fabric anyway…

Are we wrong? There’s a comments box below for that sort of thing…

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