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Catching the bus with Hailey Tuck and Bahamas

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Because staying on top of the music world doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Hailey Tuck and Bahamas

Need a pick-me-up on the bus to the office? Or looking for that perfect Friday-feeling tune for the train journey home? Need a good jam for the walk home too? Look no further! Each week we’ll bring you our Music Radar top tracks (complete with a Spotify playlist) so you can plug in and get your toes tapping on public transport

By Callan De Villiers

The winter hours can be undeniably melancholy. This week, we found ourselves enjoying the mellow and devastatingly beautiful sounds of jazz. It’s the only kind of music that can make you feel hopelessly blue but entirely in love all at the same time. It’s the season for it!

No jazz singer has a simple story, and Hailey Tuck is no exception. Born in Austin Texas, Tuck moved to Paris at aged 18 to join the underground jazz scene. By some wonderful design she is now living and performing in London, as well as many other delightfully obscure cities and countries across the world.

We caught her last London show for some time, where she played at the Hippodrome as part of the London Jazz Festival. Along with the divine classics, including La Vie En Rose, My Funny Valentine and the coolest version of Tell Him No by The Zombies, Tuck captured the room with an original song and with help from a stellar live band. Take some time to listen to Don’t Think Twice and Sunday Morning off her latest EP. Our pick is of course her latest single, So In Love (2014), take a look at the magical video below…

Moving slightly away from Jazz and closer towards the soulful folk vibes, we’d like to introduce you to Bahamas. Singer-songwriter Afie Jurvanen is a Canadian musician who taught himself how to play the guitar, and thank god, because his music is stunning.

We came across this musician on the soundtrack of a brilliant indie film, Very Good Girls, and have been rather addicted ever since. Caught Me Thinkin off his latest album Barchords, released in 2012, is a tune! Likewise, his 2014 single All The Time is a must listen. Our pick is a absolutely striking song, titled Lost In The Light. Take a look and listen to the video below…

And don’t forget to check out Global Cool’s Music Radar Spotify playlist to keep up to date with the hottest new music when you’re on the bus/train/tube to work….

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Images: Hailey Tuck and Bahamas (with permission).

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