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TV’s most carbon conscious casts: Castle vs. The Vampire Diaries

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Because loving your favourite TV shows doesn’t have to cost the Earth… 

Castle vs The Vampire Diaries

By Rebecca Sellitti

Ever wondered which television programs have the most eco-friendly casts? No? Well, I have. And after doing some research, I put together a list of the two shows that I consider to have the most sustainable acting ensembles in all of TV Land…


The fact that several of Castle‘s cast members have been featured as Global Cool Eco Saints is a solid indicator that ABC’S hit crime dramedy has got some pretty passionate planet protectors on its hands.

Nathan FillionNathan Fillion
The real-life hottie behind the fictional Mr. Rick Castle, Nathan Fillion, has been fighting for a healthier Earth long before the Big Apple mayor named him an honorary NYPD homicide detective, and even prior to his days as captain of the renegade ship, Serenity.  This crush-worthy Canadian has always had his great blue eyes focused squarely on our great blue marble.

For one thing, Nathan gets around L.A, not in the de rigueur gas-guzzling SUV, but rather in a far out and futuristic electric car.

And let’s not forget that ‘Mr. Castle’ has been responsible for the construction of countless wells in areas where clean H2O is hard to come by. In fact, last year, in lieu of birthday gifts, Nate asked his fans to make donations to My Charity Water, and well (no pun intended), nearly ¼ of a million dollars was raised so kids across the globe could have access to disease-free agua.

Stana KaticStana Katic
Better known to her fans as the object of Castle’s affections, Detective Kate Beckett is no slouch in the environmental department. Stana Katic co-founded The Alternative Travel Project (ATP), a global initiative designed to get people on board with car-free transportation. According to ATP’s mission statement:  “We truly believe that by making the simple choice to use alternative transport for just one day, our community of followers can create a reverberating effect across the planet. Ultimately we hope to make currently ‘alternate’ modes of transportation a part of daily life.”

I love the idea behind ATP so very much. It’s all about helping people take those first small steps toward leading a more sustainable lifestyle. Bravo, Ms. Katic. And for the record, I’m not at all jealous that you’re a brilliant innovator AND could pass for a Victoria’s Secret angel!

Seamus DenverSeamus Dever
The man who so fabulously portrays detective Kevin Ryan is Castle’s resident Dog Defender. Seamus Dever is an avid strong supporter of the Best Friend’s Animal Society, an organisation that works to keep no-kill shelters up-and-running. And just as the name suggest, these places provide refuge to unwanted animals without putting them on Doggy Death Row, as too many shelters are wont to do.

In addition, the dapper Dever and his stunning wife Juliana, both proud parents of two precious rescue beagles, have involved themselves with The Beagle Freedom Project, which was created to protect all our beloved Snoopys from being subjected to the harsh and inhumane treatment of beauty product testing.

Four paws up for you, Seamus!

Vampire Diaries

It should come as no great surprise that Vampire Diaries is on this list. After all, it’s star Ian Somerhalder is quite possibility the greenest celebrity walking the planet. But, even though Ian’s eco-efforts are quite super-human, he’s not the only resident of Mystic Falls with a deep love for Mother Earth and all her creatures great and small.

Seamus Dever

Ian Somerhalder
Ian Somerhalder aka the actor who gently bumped Leonardo DiCaprio from his spot as Hollywood’s premier environmentalist, is…well, I honestly don’t know how to sum up all the work ‘Damon’ has done for our planet.

Let’s see, the UN Goodwill Ambassador founded The Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) whose sole focus is to raise awareness of issues threatening this third rock from the sun. On top of that, Ian, with the help of ISF and his partner in eco-crime fighting, Nikki Reed, will soon open his very own animal sanctuary!

I could spend months compiling all of the selfless and wonderful deeds Sir Somerhalder has done to restore Gaia to fighting form, or I could just suggest you click here. Yep. I’m gonna go with the latter.

Paul WelseyPaul Wesley
Paul Wesley plays the brilliantly brooding Stefan on the hit CW series, and has been extremely active in issues concerning animal rights. Paul has done tons of work for The Humane Society ranging from speaking out against the use of gestation crates in the pork industry, to designing humorous t-shirts to raise funds for his favourite animal welfare organisation.

Fortunately, all of this Jersey Boy’s time and effort did not go unnoticed by the folks at The Humane Society who awarded Paul with their “Humane Generation Award” back in 2014.

Fun Fact: Dude’s a cat lover. Indeed, Mr. Wesley’s fondness for felines is so intense that if you express a distaste for kitties, he might just tell you to GFY.

Kat GrahamKat Graham
Vampire Diaries fans will recognise Kat Graham as the bewitching woman Bonnie Bennett, who’s a true beauty inside and out. Kat’s concern for the well being of children who aren’t blessed with safe and accessible running water prompted her to start a fundraiser to acquire money for The Water Project so those kiddies will finally be able to quench their thirst with the sparkling clean H20 they deserve. And rest assured that all the Benjamins raised by Ms. Graham went to good use building multiple wells and sand dams in desolate regions of Africa.

In addition, much like her co-stars, Kat is also a great lover of things that go “Woof” in the night. The gal with the piercing eyes (apparently a requisite ocular pecularity for every resident of Mystic falls) was a presenter at The World Dog Awards.

A Kat who loves dogs. Only in Mystic Falls!

Note: This petite powerhouse has a truly mellifluous voice and I highly suggest checking out her A+ single, Power, below…

I commend the casts of both Castle and The Vampire Diaries for remaining ever cognisant of their carbon footprints. Other shows should follow their example!

P.S: Would a crossover episode be too much to ask? Yes? Okay. Just thought I’d ask.

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