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TV TURN OFF: The UK’s most cosmetically enhanced family make tits of themselves on This Morning

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Because bad TV shouldn’t cost the Earth…


We don’t understand why This Morning insists on broadcasting risqué interviews while we’re trying to eat our breakfast but last week just about took the biscuit. Here’s our latest TV low-light to encourage you to turn your TV off properly (not just leave it on stand by), to save you money and energy.

We were just settling down with a nice bowl of porridge (organic, natch) and suddenly we saw Eammon Holmes and Ruth Langsford sitting on the This Morning sofa with a gaggle of blow up dolls. Confusion ensued.

On closer inspection we realised they weren’t dolls but in fact it was Chantal Marshall and her daughters. The Marshalls are Britain’s most cosmetically enhanced family and they were on screen talking about their boob jobs.

Mother Chantal is now a 32GG after several surgeries whilst her daughters range from a 32DD to a whopping 34HH!

At least one of the family can see sense though as her daughter Britney has said she doesn’t want to fake it. The 14 year old has vowed not to have enlargements when she turns 18 and said: “I want people to take me seriously because I want a career when I’m older. People can be judgemental.”

At least one of them has her head screwed on right and realised that being naturally beautiful is the way forward!

Here’s a separate news report about the Marshall family and their breasts…

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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